What's the point of the additional Research Hubs for Kushan?

Seriously. What do they even do? You can’t research more than one thing at a time, research doesn’t seem to go any faster, research isn’t cheaper.

I think the research goes by a little faster as you build more hubs. Haven’t sat down and verified though. It’s probably not a tremendous speed increase.

still, every little bit helps in most cases, and that little thing can save your life :slight_smile:

Since multiple research tracks isn’t a thing anymore, I’d assume the primary benefit would be what it always was in SP (where you get one or two techs per mission anyway and never need the extra tracks): increasing the HP of your research ship so that you don’t have to constantly worry about something blowing it up. The research times are so much different from classic on the whole that I’m not sure I’d notice if it got faster when I built more hub segments, but I’ll certainly time it the next time I play. It would be sad if they were just a hold-over with no real functionality.

It’s… annoying to have to go back and queue up each segment individually, though. I’m thinking that’s a limitation with the HW2 code or something; since they’re labeled differently (research ship then add-ons #1-5), I’ll tentatively guess that they’re actually six different ships in the game files rather than six copies of the same ship as in the original game. A clever solution to the problem, if you ask me.


They don’t seem to be different ships at all. When you build additional ones they’re not selectable as they go to dock.

I opened up a skirmish and tested the research time for the capital ship drive (800rus) with three different numbers of research ships:

1 research ship
Speed: 100m/s
Armor: 10,000
Time: ~1:26

3 research ships
Speed: 80m/s
Armor: 10,000
Time: ~1:02

6 research ships
Speed: 50m/s
Armor: 10,000
Time: ~0:45

So, it gets slower, gains no more armor, and has a significant increase. No spinning after it completes, though. :frowning: With 6 ships it is about 200% faster; with 3 it is about 140% faster.



It really is a wonder how close they CAN get to the original anyway. With software being so incredibly different and radically different solutions and programs to do programming compared to 15 years ago.

A lot of the quirks of games actually come from overcoming challenges in designing it using available tools. So yes, it very well could be 5 different ships instead of 6 copies. And only because they have pretty much had the recipe for the game and even the secret ingredients, but few of the ingredients come from the same garden, so of course the meal will taste different, if subtly. Does the analogy make sense to more then just me?

Incidentally, Ion_Fury are you the same Ion_Fury who did several Play by Post Role Play on the old forums?
Bah, I can’t for the life of me do a PM, is it due to a lack of trust level on the forum? I really want to know and I can’t seem to PM…so yeah, its out here iinstead.

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Heh, yeah, that’s me. Haven’t used this name in a very long time, but… it’s Homeworld. I had to stick my nose in and drop a few walls’o’text for old time’s sake. XD

Some of the workarounds do look to be very technically impressive. I remember how much of a copper-plated !@$&# it was to work with HW2 compared to HW and Cat, so… yeah. The amount of work that went into that research ship had to have been impressive. It’s too bad about the armor value though- perhaps it could be fixed using HW2’s upgrade functionality? Say, build a research ship segment, it unlocks a unique research item (with 0 cost and instant completion, since you already paid and waited when you built it) for that segment which upgrades the ship’s armor?

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Just hide the research item and have it auto start and complete when the ships join. Poof. Of course, that had better not be hard scripted. People like their mods you know.
Which leads to the next thing. Now a lot of games are designed with mod-ability in mind. They have to rewrite how to do the same function, just to allow people to modify it after release. (Thank you!)

Either way, a lot of the game had amazing capability that just didn’t exist then. I am really sad they were never able to finish megaliths to their satisfaction. As for staying on topic, the additional research hubs do also add to Role Play. It’s also possible that there was going to be more research tiers that required a certain number of hubs to complete, and was just never implemented.

I wonder if the only engine they really had to work with was the hw2 engine. I’ve seen the hw1 engine code. I can’t say that it is workable. It required ancient tools such as an extremely old intel compiler, and some borland stuff, and used visual studio 5 or 6.

It might be more effort to bring hw1 back using that engine, but with enough money anything is possible. We are entitled to a clean, pollished product, though we are not entitled to having it always meet all our individual gameplay expectations.

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It needs to be 600% faster with 6 research ships…You pay a whole 700 RU for each section, and it’s a vulnerable target.

Not to mention you now need to pay for research…

I agree in the sense that it should give a higher boost, and probably cost slightly less, but 600% is … quite fast. That’s like 14 seconds for capital ship drive.

you’re still paying a whole 4200 RUs, 14 seconds seems about right.

Research modules on Hiigarans can sum up to over 3k, and they have to build them to unlock ships and they don’t get any faster research. Could use some tweaking but I don’t personally think it’s that bad.

Additional research ships increase the speed of your (single threaded) research queue. There is a diminishing return with each added ship.

Is it worth it? That’s up to you. I, personally, have done enough research to say.