What's the purpose of rath's secondary fire?

(Gato Del Fuego) #1

I’ve tried finding a use for this move, but don’t know if it’s actually better in any way. It can hit multiple enemies at once, I’m fairly sure. But doesn’t his spin do the same thing? In terms of “optimizing” rath’s dps against minions I think the secondary fire might win in some cases, but I’m not sure if it’s better than the spin to win.

Anybody else had experience with this?

(Tuba24) #2

It’s ranged. His primary multi hits on melee enemies his secondary hits a single target but it can go farther than melee range. So it’s use is for finishing runners


I use it for crits mostly on lower enemies in PvE. It one shots them and it’s cool to just fling your sword like a badass into an enemy’s face as they run towards you.

-Enemy: I’MA KILL YA!
-Rath: LoL (sword + face = Mic drop taunt)

(Magic is everything) #4

Aside from what has been mentioned previously, I find it is kinda useful for poking at minions a little bit. The damage is enough to stun them momentarily, and as long as I did a bit of damage, I still get xp for my teamates cleaning up the mess. Rath doesn’t get much time to clear minions since you have to constantly be watching the map for enemies, so getting a little xp here and there for helping is nice.

Actually that reminds me, one time I accidentally killed a weakened Caldarius who was behind me when I used my secondary on a minion wave. Seeing that kill marker knowing that none of my turrets were up will continue to be the most confusing moment I have ever had in PvP match.

(Sebastian Fisher) #5

Like others have said, it’s mostly for minion clearing. I use it on the Thralls in Incursion to stun them, too. It also happens to be rather useful to get a last hit in on a fleeing foe, I’ve gotten several last-ditch kills by tossing my sword at them with that little extra range it provides.

(Chaosthedude) #6

Gives him that little bit of reach for floaty boss, and Isic pt 1…

(Douzkaya) #7

Another good use for it is when you are luring and baiting and back pedaling.

Like when you get an opponent low but you have to back away too spam that secondary while you backpedal.

But yes mainly to tear through minions apart from looking sick

(Horrow) #8

I use it to clear thrall camps on incursion. It may just be me, but consist crits with it on thralls kills them faster than just using your standard melee combo.

The attack does in fact hit harder than any single basic attack you do.

Now personally I wonder what the purpose of the off hand melee serves. On first glance it feels rather weak, is it just used for knock back?

(Douzkaya) #9

Yea, all chars standard melee is for knock back purposes

(Ulithium_Dragon) #11

His tooltip says it does “AoE Damage”, but his primary melee attack has such a large and wide cleave that I never find his secondary attack to be very useful.

It doesn’t seem to penetrate very well, either (meaning going though enemies and hitting ones behind them). I mean, it does a bit, but the range is so short I never find myself using it for that purpose. =.=

It also doesn’t really seem like it bypasses raised shields either, so no use there.
Not really sure about player raised shields in PVP, though - haven’t tried, but those Thrall Brutes and Thrall Beastmasters seems to just absorb all of its damage with their bullsh*t “must-be-at-least-100,000-health shields”…

*Also yes I saw the thread’s age, but I FIRMLY believe it’s always A LOT better to necro a relevant thread rather than start a new one that just adds redundant clutter to a forum…

(Chaosthedude) #12

It’s a focused aoe spam that has better reach than his standard attack…