What's the verdict on Whiskey Foxtrot?

Specifically in PVP; Have never played him. He seems like a less effective Oscar Mike. Wondering on what the communities views on him are? Is he worth giving a shot?

Against specific people he can do… well… in accurate hands. I dont see him being good at all on consoles.

He is also amazing when running aimbot! Been on the recievung end of that one -.- his crit damage is quite high so if you land 100% headshots you can do well.

Thats the problem though… he has significantly higher recoil than OM and fires in bursts of 3 or 4. His ult is just 75-100 automatic fire bullets. No damage or range boost on it… its pretty lame :frowning:

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I really really wasn’t expecting it, but WF can actually be pretty good in pvp. Be wary though- he does take a lot of getting used to and some of his mutations are actually better than their default alternatives, so you’ll have to play him for a bit before getting his full potential. I’m garbage at OM, so I can’t really compare the two very well, but from their kits WF seems like a version of OM that’s more bent on killing people.

That said, WF has really high damage on his rifle. At level 1, OM has 27 damage with his passive active; Whiskey has 32 without. That means that throughout the game, even though he’s not quite as good, WF can rival OM’s pushing power simply due to how well he can shred the Shepherd minions with his crit multiplier and fair accuracy. Additionally, once you unlock the mutation, WF’s grenades can drop napalm just like OM’s, albeit only later into a match.

The thing that really makes WF stand out (to me) though is how versatile his build options are. I prefer to go for a bursty build most of the time, utilizing as many damage augments on my sticky grenade and rifle as possible to quickly shred people, which ends up making me capable of 1v1ing pretty much any battleborn at mid range if I can aim (controllers harm WF). He can also go for a super safe build though, where he can just constantly keep melees a mile away with his scrap cannon, so if you want a sniper-esque character but don’t wanna constantly be threatened by melees, he’s pretty good for that too.

He takes some time to learn and has a heck of a skillcap, but nailing his aim with his ult and properly landing sticky bombs, you can push like OM and fight like OM, but with a character everyone expects to be weak.


He’s a mid-late game monster who needs to farm and pick targets wisely. Can’t just turn your brain off like with OM. Gotta play a bit more tactical.

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Complete trash, every time i see a whisky i consider it being down a player. He’s weak, and easy to bully. He has good minion clear, and he’s very good against large characters, but that’s it. Every Whisky i have seen has done more harm than good.

Just my experience with Whisky overall, if you guys beg to differ please by all means, enlighten my ignorance.


That’s probably just 'cause they were inexperienced with him. He’s probably one of the harder characters to play imo. Be wary if you ever find someone with Master of Whiskey Foxtrot.


He demands a lot of battlefield comprehension and accuracy.

Quick melee is your best friend.

+Crit damage gear will do well by you.

Never be afraid to run away. Don’t stick the kill if it means going down unless it really matters.

Sadly he is one of many characters who start out pretty miserable compared to similar heroes, so Capture is not his mode.

I’ve only played a few matches as him and he wasn’t great. He’s listed as easy in the game, but he’s one of the hardest characters to play in the entire game. It also seems that a really good Whiskey is about equal to a decent Oscar Mike, which to me is a sign that he needs a bit of a buff.

Ease of use ≠ nerfable characteristic

Just because someone’s harder to play doesn’t mean they should be better.

He doesn’t need a buff, but his animations need serious clipping. Everything from scrap cannon to sticky bomb has an animation on par with most ults. He’s just not fun to use, unless you like trying to play toccata and fuge in D with your forehead.

Aiming down the sights on the scope from hipfire feels off somehow, probably needs more animation clipping there as well, but it’s your best bet. He really benefits from attack speed, and reload speed gear.

But a really good player should be better than an average player. I still think that a really good Oscar Mike is better than a really good Whiskey Foxtrot

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Steep learning curve (the “easy” tag is very misleading) but a absolute monster.

I do wish that his rifle had more accuracy, so the red dot sight would’ve been a more interesting option. But overal he’s my second favorite BB.

They don’t even fill the same role. It’s like comparing a really good painter to a really good musician. Sure, they both produce a type of art, but what is there to compare? Whiskey Foxtrot is a ranged assassin and happens to be able to push and waveclear. Oscar Mike is a ranged pusher/waveclearer and really isn’t an assassin.

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Assassins in my mind are people with low hp pools, high damage, and escape manueverability… WF barely has the third, but no more than your average BB.

His HP pool isnt great, but he definitely isnt a Deande or Rath. His damage output is pretty subpar unless you land a direct sticky or force people to stay within your napalm, which is risky for him since his quick melee is slowish and his damage output is largely from mid ranged crits.

At high levels his Sticky Grenade does massive amounts of damage but it makes him feel like a one trick pony honestly.

He can make Flaked targets take 15% more damage for a few seconds, but it doesnt last long enough or give a high enough boost imo. Thorn gets 35% Curse damage at lvl 5 and Curse is not dependant on a skill while also lasting 3x longer with the lvl 5 helix option.

His manueverability is directly tied to his Flak Cannon skill. He can knock people back and himself if you select helix options for it, but that is all. Once he uses the skill once (up to 3 times with another helix), he is now stuck with only a sprint.

One cool thing about him is he can get 210 hp regen for every kill. That includes minions. This could be good if you use napalm for wave clear but you lose out on a lot of damage against players.

I feel like the class doesnt need a buff, rather, it needs to be completely rethought and redone. I like his design, and the skills are unique within the game, but how they operate and how his gun works could be fixed around. If he is an assassin he needs more bursting capability. He needs an ultimate that cant be wasted ao easily.

Only suggestion for a change I can think of is having his ultimate turn into a full auto shotgun instead of machinegun, or remove range effects. His ult needs to be more assassin like, right now OM fits that role better with the ability to cloak and flank.


He’s very good once you get hang of it. However, he’s not easy to play. One thing that you need to focus on is keeping your passive active most of the time, which means alternating between going for minions and engaging enemy battleborns. Another thing is that quite a few really good damage improvement options take away escape tools if you go for them in helix as well as you kind of need a few of his helix mutations to make him stronger (regen after kill and napalm grenades). And finally he’s only as good as much you can land your shots, especially to crit points.

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Thanks for the tips guys! Sounds like I might have to give him a shot!

  1. According to the game assassins do not necessarily need any of these other than high damage. Phoebe has a good HP pool and can get insanely high shields. Rath has no escape skills whatsoever (unless you count the knockup, which is as much of an escape as a WF specced with knockback scrap or flakback).

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If you’re going to look at it that way, Whiskey Foxtrot should 100% be able to beat Oscar Mike 1 on 1.

I found him stronger to be than the general consensus but still a weaker version of Oscar Mike.
But then again, I am only rank 9 with him whilst I have mastered Oscar Mike, I just find that napalm grenade is just one heck of a great skill.

I have master Whiskey and have played more than 100 games with him. I also play him on console. When it comes to damage, he does not need a buff. When it comes to utility, he has a great amount tools to use to fit many situations. In good matches do I get a lot of kills nope but I can say that about most characters. What I do find myself doing is assisting a lot of people. I will get on average doing a good match a 15 assist or more because I will weaken a player down just to have to reload and watch a teammate finish off the opponent. I have tried all kinds of builds. All are viable. I have played the sneaky assassin builds where I use the slow on grenade morph, drains health and shields morph, and the Swiss cheese morph that debuffs the enemy so I do more damage to them. This works great on tanks and players who are not paying attention. The grenade slows them down while draining their shields and little bit of health and with damage increase I will quickly take them out. Great for taking out target one at a time not good at fighting multiple enemies so this style is best to use with back up or your target does not have back up. I have use the shield penetration build where I use on players that like to hide behind shields like Galilea, Ambra, Toby and Kleese. Love it when an Ambra gets her shield when she is low on health and I kill her before she can get away. I also use a favorite build the mid range pusher version of Whiskey where you use his napalm, the flak off morph, the acog morph, and the scrap bank morph. The whole point is to stay a distance and keep melee characters off you while you are placing napalm in places you do not want them. It is a great defense/offense tool that can be used to quickly take objectives down like minions and buildables while also weakening enemies or killing enemies while they are escaping. It is one of his best morphs along with killer regen morph. I do agree that activating his skills can be clunky or his animations are slow. This is true and the reason I use instant instead of the standard option that allow me to fire the grenades and his scrap more better but other than that he is not as bad as people make him out to be. Though I have seen plenty of players play who him badly but I can say about a lot of characters. I have seen plenty of bad Galileas.