What's the verdict on Whiskey Foxtrot?

I have mastered Whiskey, I’d say he isn’t a bad character he’s just hard work.

Many characters such as Galilea, Oscar Mike and Thorn to name a few are great straight out of the gate and any helix upgrades are just a bonus. I feel Whiskey however is pretty terrible at the start of the match and his helix upgrades are all about fixing all the issues he has. Once you reach about helix level 6/7 Whiskey Foxtrot becomes amazing I would even say he becomes better than Oscar Mike.

Levelling Whiskey up to the point where he becomes a threat can just be painful especially if your team aren’t so good.

From my entirely encompassing massive 2 games with WF I can say that unless you’re extremely good at headshots he feels…underwhelming right now.

I like the feel of him though, he’s got nice abilities and I don’t mind the burst gun. I feel like Flak should hit harder though for how little you end up using it unless you’re REALLY fond of putting your face close to the action.

Overall I don’t think he’s bad persay, just…not very consistent.

I just mastered Whiskey RIGHT NOW like I’m lookin at the “you’ve unlocked Darkside Foxtrox” he is easily one of my favorite character and most games even capture I can 10 + kills and few deaths… All that being said compared to what I can do with other characters ESPECIALLY MIKE; Foxtrot could use a buff


WF will certainly do more damage in a prolonged fight assuming you can aim his gun & skills. As to which would win, that would depend. Is the WF player experienced? Is the guy playing OM any good? Do either of them have their skills on cooldown? So on and so forth.

Also, OM, has the cloack ability, which doesn’t really make much sense, since that is something that would make much more sense on an assassin.

people try to play him like a pusher, which he is not, and that is why he id disliked. He is an assassin people. His late game is good, but i agree that his early game is really bad. If napalm would be on helix 2, that would solve a lot of problems. I also agree that his ult is the weakest of all characters. 75 bullets, so just 2 rounds of my gun? whats special about that?

He has some of the highest single-bullet damage of all characters, so he’s limited by fire rate. His ult greatly reduces the limitation, and so essentially makes him capable of putting out super high dps (especially if he specced into bonus rifle damage from scrap cannon) and potentially ignore shields, making short work of the likes of Kleese, S&A, and Ambra.

I have him mastered.

  1. Make scrap cannon an instant cast.
  2. Make it to where it doesn’t take 5 minutes to start/finish his ultimate.
  3. Move one of his grenade helix options higher up. It takes too long to get his grenades online.

Then, I’ll be happy.


Honestly he’s one of my favourite battleborn, if you are accurate he’s such a beast and especially so against a melee character

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I’m def going to give him a try. Seems like he deserves as much. I just find his character so uninteresting, but maybe I need to get to know him better lol.

Also I recommend getting him to lvl 12 while the double xp is active as his mutations really shine

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I have played Whiskey and taken the time to master him he is 1 of my favorite character and when I get the build I use going I demolish most fighters because people underestimate him as a fighter. I tend to aim for building shield pen. Sticky launcher I take either the 3 grenades or the 1 that fires out the sticky mirv both good for area control especially on 1 target with napalm and slow. I catch cloaked enemies often using the scrap cannon as long as I aim in their general direction very few enemies can escape engaged in 1v1 and when he hits 10 the 100% shield pen on him will demolish most enemies. He’s slightly less effective against Eldrid foes the way I build him but generally I don’t have any issues and he is 1 of my favorite character you do need to get some of his mutations to really see his potential tho.

Napalm on sticky launcher, hp regent on kills, shield pen, and sometimes the sticky mirv all of these mutations are very nice to have

As to my reasoning behind the sticky mirv vs the triple threat I tend to take triple threat if I want my grenade focused more on 1 target and sticky MIRV to cover and area abit easier and faster

He requires patience fur A) Mutations, and B) Leveling in a match. If you can get those, and are competently accurate, you’ll easily do the most damage in the game, which, even if you don’t secure the kill, weakening them out forcing a retreat is also good.

Also, Tea Ceremony too stronk.

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For a while I felt Whiskey was underwhelming. Especially after playing Oscar a bit.
He required a lot of skill to wield. Then I took him a few times in group PvE because I wanted to hear all his banter and started to see that he does put out a good amount of damage.

After some practice I took him into PvP and really enjoy him.

He still requires some skill to use, but I now prefer him to Oscar Mike. Not necessarily for AoE damage output, but I find I’m able to harass a lot more with WF and even on cool downs, I can take out minions fairly easily.

Also, it’s super satisfying to get all 3 sticky bombs on a single opponent, push back scrap canon back up while they are chasing you down while putting a few rounds in them and then, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!

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I don’t really consider a character to be as good if it requires an aim bot to succeed. That is assuming a player using an external tool for a competative advantage; not playing the character as designed. We can not take WFs viability based on external aids.

His high base damage and crit multiplier does mean accuracy is the key to playing a good WF. Oscar Mike can be played with only moderate skill but WF takes dedicated practice to really be effective.

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I never said aimbot is necessary to play WF. I know for a fact that would suck the fun out of the game for me. I was just saying that he can be better than people expect, but it just takes time and practice to learn how his somewhat quirky aiming works.

I find I get an overwhelmingly large amount of assists when I WF, which is fine I suppose. Makes my score suck but whatever. I know I did damage on a target that mattered, I just couldn’t snag the last hit.

My only changes to him would be:

Instant cast on Scrap
Speed up the animation on activating his ult
Make his passive trigger on ASSISTS as well as actual kills. I feel like this alone could make him much more streamline.


Is there any character better than Whiskey for Thrall grabbing? I can melt one in under 10 seconds once I have Triple Threat.

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He is an absolute beast at taking the thrall camps solo!

Thorn At level one can melt thrall in 7 seconds