What's the whole point of the trials?

I love to run the proving grounds, but what’s the point of the extra mission goals like “finish the trial with 20;25min left”. At first I believed that you get more exp for solving extra missions. Like it was in BL2 with badass points. Now I run them quite fast and sometime get about 7k and sometimes about 28k exp for a run on M10 and I dont know why. Or maybe I got the 28k once, idk…
Is there a reason to run the runs as quickly as possible even if you already did it? In BL2 you could only get one badass point for the same mission on a VH. I mean an other reason than “fun”… Because it is fun but I just wonder what the rewarding else could be for doint the missions.

And something else… With the new hotfix they raised the droprates of dedicated loot in the trials. They said on about 100% so if the chance was before 2% it nw should be 4%? Even with 16% before and 34% before is it worth the efford? I mean class mods are quite painfull to farm if you search for some matching stats on it and get a chance of about 36% to drop in a fight which takes about 4-5min does not sound very rewarding.

I’m not 100% sure, but to my knowledge the more bonus objectives you get, the higher will be the quality of items in your reward chest at the end. And of course, completing a trial as quickly as possible will also make farming for boss drops more efficient.

As for the chance of dedicated drops: You’ve misread something there. The chance was increased to about 100% not by about 100% meaning every time you kill one of the bosses, they will be pretty much guaranteed to drop one of their dedicated drops. Of course, it still can be a different drop than the one you wanted, like you might be farming the Skag of Survival for a Bloodletter and get a Breaker instead because he can drop that too, but it evens out to about a 50% chance for most dedicated drops from trials bosses which is one of the best chances you are gonna get in this game, at least a whole lot better than, say, getting a drop from a Takedown, where your average run might take anywhere from 15-40 minutes depending on which Takedown you are playing and with what build.

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The thing with the 100% I was sure that it should be how you said, but atm I dont know what the bosses can drop. I get the Widowmaker from Trial of Survival (I guess?) which seems to be pathetic? So I thoughed they may changed the drops like I guessed instead of guaranteed drops because Widowmaker is more a world drop for me.
Also just a Lob dropped… Only a Lob. So a Lob is a dedicated drop in one of the trials?

They should add a boss in each area (so total of 4 bosses), raise the live of the last boss (so he more feel like a mini boss) and give us about 1-3 chests depending on how fast we were on the run. Chest farming is really not good in this game since the most good legendaries cant apear in chests and the rest is meh…

So anyway, is there a sheet with the actual dedicated drops of all namen enemies and bosses?
I found one but it’s older than the “spread of loot pool” is. I just would like to check some loot pools and decide which trials are not worth running. Theyre really fun, but not all… No fun + no good loot = no runs

I ran the skydrowned pulpit a few times last night with amara looking to get a phasezerker. I only got a few coms for Zane. Total waste of time if you are farming. They are fun and challenging though. I can’t get 25 min left though. There enemies in the 3 zones take 2+ minutes to spawn. 6 minutes for all to spawn makes it impossible.

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All there. And no, they aren’t dropping the Widowmaker, so that’s just World drops. The trials bosses are the dedicated source for roughly half of the legendary class mods in the game.

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Thank you for the list.

But then if I had already twice drops with only World drops the hotfix isn’t correct atm.

Well… “about 100%” isn’t quite 100%. Might be 90 or 95 instead.

they were ment to be our version of “strikes” to copy destiny i guess, except they are ridiculously easy and have crappy rewards. So, pointless.

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Always felt that way

I generally don’t mind the Trials. I’m mainly using them rather literally, to try out a new build or loadout. Sometimes I go for speed, for the fun of it. They may not be all too hard on fully geared characters, but on challenge runs it can be rather different. Oh, and last time we had a level cap increase, I ran a few of them to get to max level.


Trial of fervour at M10 is harder then Maliwan Takedown due to the anointed.

I view them as mini-Slaughters with some dedicated loot. If I want to drown in oranges and pick out what’s useful? Or really rack up some Guardian XP? Slaughter it is.

But that also takes considerably more time - I often game in short bursts (before the toddler wakes up). So it’s nice to have the flexibility, given that Trials are still more of a gauntlet than most of the level / map runs (barring Athenas, which I just like running daily for no other reason than killing Traunt).

only decent reward is stinger shield then again thats used for one certain build type, as other builds are used more over stinger because can do same damage and easier to obtain shield’s/ other items for those builds etc

Have to say that I have no problem with anointed enemies with moze.

Took this photo a few days ago when I realized I just melted thorough 7 of them without dying.

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what? you cant even get stingers from trials. Only guardian takedown which are raids

like the bloody boss dies to 30 bullets on my fl4k with monarch i didnt even need to change mag, it feels like a random mob i encountered rather than a boss.

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ooh though raids/trials was the same thing