What's this logo that appears in the lunar station?

I’ve seen the exact same logo in ‘State of Decay’, what does this logo mean?

I dunno, it’s just a gas mask, but if it’s the same exact thing in another game, maybe it’s a homage to an earlier FPS. It would be great if it was a reference to Mr. Foster.

Good question, got me looking but the only game my OSC searches continued to hit on was a game called Metro 2033

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Maybe it’s a particular artist’s “calling card”? Perhaps someone worked on art assets for both games?

Could be not really sure, one way to look into it would be watching the credits for BL: PS and cross checking the Metro 2033 Wiki on Google.

Fantastic game!

It’s my portrait.

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@Blutfatal I didn’t know you were a model!

I always figured it was in reference to the Pyro from TF2.

I thought this too.

That isis really good theory, seeing as how Borderlands always does something to throw a game or ccultclassic type of thing in their games.

Ive seen it a lot through out TPS. I’ve always wondered what it was.

Reminds me the gorilla logo that’s all around Pandora in Borderlands 1

Which is similar but not identical to Gaige’s skill Strength of Five Gorillas in Borderlands 2