Whats up with all the guys in borderlands 3?

I just picked up a copy of borderlands 3 and after 4 hours I started to notice a lack of any compitent males who are not “leeches” or are so incapaible of being able to function without a strong female to command them around as if they couldn’t function alone.

It really does seem times have changed as even after looking at the reviews its just people being sworn at for not being open minded or that’s just toxic masulinity at work but I personally think when people try turing a shoot and loot game into a way to promote a message about females are strong too there is a problem.

I would have thought people would have learnt this lesson from the ghost busters movie or the new wolfenstien or but it seems not. It really does seem a shame companies are forcing this view into games and not allowing it to feel just natural within the game itself. It just feels like bad writing whenever you see a male within the game its either hes gay now or hes a joke of a person lets all laugh at the guy making a fool of himself again.

I personally think the game should just stick to it’s guns like it used to and focus more on gameplay and less on blantant messages put into the game. If they wish to add more bi/gay charecters go for it but don’t force it into the game just make it feel more natural same with the mainly female lead. If they want to make it female oritented great just don’t go making every male weak and unable to cope without a female ordering them around.


Mordecai, Brick, Marcus, Zane

Some of if not the most dangerous men in the galaxy.

What’s up with even noticing this.
I for one applaud strong willed ladies and welcome the addition of female COV BA’s. Heck my first moments in the Droughts and I got kicked in the chest by a woman. Respect on their ferocity 100%

This should not even be a topic tbh


What the hell?

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Idk what you are talking about
Lilith is wild, tannis is wild, but so is brick, Mr. Torgue, Marcus and well, moxxi can seduce ANY living creature and probably also AIs

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Big Bad Moxxie

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Is it realistic to suggest that other games with fewer strong female characters is ‘forcing’ the view that men are strong and manly and competent, into games? Is that ‘unnatural’, too?

I think the ‘problem’ here is that companies hold those views and express them in their creations. I think it’s their choice. They are free to do that. So are you. You can choose to not play it if you feel your socio-political views are being challenged too much.

Gearbox are sticking to their guns. That’s literally what this complaint is about.

But his has been discussed in great depth in other threads. Closed, because…

One is enough. :face_with_monocle: