What's up with Ava?

Ava is a really weird character for me. She’s annoying as all heck, never shuts up, and never learns her lesson. She’s reckless, gets Maya killed, then is all like “Vault hunters run TOWARDS the fire” like c’mon don’t you think she’d be a bit more cautious? Then, Lilith lets her join the fight (directly going against dead girl’s wishes) and she gets powers (saves the main characters with them within two seconds of having them) and then just GETS SANCTUARY. WHAT??? Why her? There are so many more qualified leaders! There were plenty of characters in this game that I truly did care about; Mordecai, Brick, Tina, Hammerlock, Wainwright, Rhys, Vaughn, even BALEX was pretty cool (because he’s the only character that actually appreciates your efforts) and yet despite all of that, the final moments of the game are spent bumbling around with the three siren musketeers: whiny brat, weird scientist and unfeeling generic leader. Then, as mentioned before, genius Lilith hands over sanctuary to the reckless 13 year old, then she flies into the moon and does… something? I have no idea what she did. Anyway, Ava’s head is too big.

What are your thoughts on Ava?


Killed absolutely everyone on elpis as awful pop music plays and everyone celebrates her sacrifice even though we did absolutely all of the work to cover up liliths many mistakes.
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Them playing “this girl is on fire” legit made me want to die. I think the game should’ve ended when you killed troy, he was the better villain and it was a great climax when all the characters joined together and helped out. Then it did a fakeout thing that literally a newborn wouldn’t fall for and all that was left was prolonged streamer joke and the aformentioned three musketeers.

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Killed absolutely everyone on elpis

A win in my book. A world without Pickle is a perfect one.


I started off kinda liking her, I found her “what you got gate, nothin’ bitch” line funnier than I probably shoulda for whatever reason. But that quickly turned to annoyance around about when Maya bought it, and she proceeded to throw unwarranted blame at Lilith.


Totally agree she doesn’t deserve Sanctuary though, my first reaction when Lilith handed it to her was to say “What the ■■■■? What about Ellie? It’s got her damn brother’s picture on the side of it!”


Ellie is the rightful owner of the ship, in my opinion. I liked her in this game because she’s one of like 5 characters who are nice to you.


Ellie should have been the leader of Sanctuary and Ava as her right hand. Though Ava still needs to truly test her mettle.

I like Ava. I wouldn’t mind if some of the DLC fleshed out her character a bit more.

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Yeah, DLC can do a really good job of fleshing out otherwise uninteresting characters. For example, Dragon Keep gave Roland’s death a meaning and gave Lilith a better personality.

Nah, that’s an apropriately funny line - I laugh every time I hear it too (she’s got another in Athenas).

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I’m kind of hoping there’s something in the works to develop Ava into a likeable character. Maybe actually see her grow into the part of leader, or realize she needs to grow before taking the reins of the Crimson Raiders.

As things stand, Claptrap would be a better leader. At least we know he actually cares about others, is brave, and is willing to help.

As things stand, Claptrap would be a better leader. At least we know he actually cares about others, is brave, and is willing to help.

I think you have a different appreciation of Claptrap than I do. lol

He is a power hungry, vainglorious, blowhard. Despite that we/I do love him. But that would completely change if he were in charge.

My only problem with Ava is the idea that she inherits the Raiders at the end.

Claptrap is those things, but the Baby side mission really shows his heart. Something that other characters in the series often lack. As much as he acts foolishly, he actually cares about the others around him. Probably why everyone puts up with his goofiness.

My problem with Ava is the lack of character growth. She started the game as generic angsty teen #14357, and end the game as generic angsty teen #14357, now with superpowers and leadership responsibilities that she is woefully unprepared for.

Figuratively, literally, or both?

Edit: I just noticed that this thread is from October. Bringing back the classics, eh @Adabiviak?

Oh weird - it was flagged as a recent post in my Unread list; didn’t even check the post date. :thinking:

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He’s an idiot and he brags a lot, but it’s just talk. He is actually a loyal friend, and I would also be more interested in a Claptrap-led Crimson Raiders - at least until someone more competent gets up and takes the reins.

If it was me, I’d legit have Claptrap take Ava under his wing. She’d project the confident leader role, while secretly asking him for advice, and he’d come up with some idiocy that ends up somehow working.

Need I remind you:

  • Talk to Claptrap
  • Collect 139,377 brown rocks
  • Defeat Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags
  • Pilfer lost staff of Mount Schuler
  • Defeat Destroyer of Worlds
  • Dance, dance, baby

Or how about a whole DLC dedicated to his Revolution?

Do we really need a leader who comes up with ideas like the Ice Man Cometh?


Dance, Dance, Baby!

Honestly i think the “Crimson Raider” arc shouldn’t extend much more. BL3 should have been the end of it, with Lilith gone. They’ve turned into adventurers, they’re not Pandora resistance anymore.

But BL3, instead of moving forward, felt like it just rebooted the story, adding lots of new facts, including some that doesn’t match what was established in the previous installments. The siren arc should have been something for the future as well.

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yes to all of OP