Whats up with epic and the DLC's?

Today i startet the epic game store.
hmm an 15gb Borderlands update. ok.

But now?
Most of my Weapons are gone.
I cant use Weapons from Moxxis DLC, because i have to buy it… (I Played it already)
Even the Quest “!” isnt there to Start Moxxis DLC.

The New DLC, Bounty of Blood, isnt Playable because i dont own it.
Thats wrong…

The DLC, Guns, Love, and Tentacles The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock, shows me that i have to go nowhere. Because the Waypoint start doesnt exist.

Online Play not Possible. First i have to connect to the Online Service.
I cant connect to a server or anything else.

On the Epic Trash Launcher every DLC is activated.

Everything worked fine right bevor the update.
I could play every dlc and with my Friends.

I also uninstalled the complete B3 and reinstalled it.
Nothing changed.
No Firewall, no Windows update, all Ports are open. And i say all i mean all :wink:

Is there a bugfix?


Epic gamestore is so horrible i regret buying it vs the steam version every day.

They wont get their ■■■■ together.

Dlc items and dlc not available offline.

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We have no one to turn to because epic only offers refunds. 2k sends u to epic. Epic does nothing.

Since dlc1 emerged same issues for everyone.

so. if im not connected to the internet i cant play…

and thats why my weapons from moxxi disapeared…

i cant be 24/7 connected to the internet.
thats ■■■■■■■■.
can anybody confirm that?

btw. i am connected to the internet. otherwise i cant write this :wink:
i can open the epic launcher. i can browse all the new games and download updates.
i can play every game. including online games.
but i cant connect to the borderlands server.

It’s the same on Xbox for DLC. No DLC items are available if you’re offline.

This happens with me too, even when I launch the game from Epic the game thinks I am offline and no hotfixes are loaded, some time I have to try it 4-5 times for hotfixes to load properly. Epic store is just pathetic I would never buy anything from epic. Just got the game free with Ryzen. Thinking of getting the whole game from steam once DLC4 drops.

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Itd be nice if we could get a discount from Gbx to rebuy it on steam for like 20 bucks plus dlc. If our epic n steam are linked with them.

Like they originally were epic exclusive and we’re punished perma for it.

Man steam is the best for a reason.


ssssteam user here, just to say, no problems on our end. sorry to hear that though, ouch