What's up with legendary weapons?

I haven’t gotten ever legendary in the game obviously,
but almost every legendary I’ve gotten has a down side to them weather it be a ridiculously low magazine with one shot or the bullets go off in different directions, shot guns dont shoot like shotguns, or shields that are significantly lower than a blue or purple shield.
I guess I was mistaken when I thought legendaries were supposed to be the best gear available but for some reason in borderlands almost all legendaries have a draw back or down side to them.

Legendaries have the most potential, or you could say they’re the most gimmicky gear in the game. Looking at any of them alone they deserve a WTF rating.

However it’s how you use them with different builds/playstyles that allows them to become interesting…


Some guns get effects without any balancing but many do and it’s always been this way.

The unforgiven has massive crit so it can do way more damage but the fire rate is lower. It was been this was in 3 games

Now one could say the dps in a regular jakobs pistol is high and they would be right.

But that larger crit bonus pairs with skills and GR to make it way more powerful.

Or the infinity in bl2, you could shoot forever but base damage was lowered.

Twister in bl2 had increased damage and added splash but was slowed down and the spread made it harder to crit.

This is all common.

Yes I understand its been this way in all borderlands games but its been something I don’t understand to be neccessary.
It feels like the developers actively try to hinder the player in very minor ways so that the general player base wont notice. Unfortunately for them I’m not that person and I can smell crap a mile away.
I absolutely loved b2 and the pre sequel with thousands of hours in those games B1 was decent.
I guess it’s just massive disappointment I’m dealing with.
B3 was supposed to be the game I played all winter and it’s not even November and I’m having a hard time playing after level 50.
All the complaints I have are because my expectations of this game were just to high I guess
Still a good game but it could have been a phenomenal game with more effort

If you gave all legendary guns extra effects or stats without balancing they would be so powerful that every trash mob would have to be like a boss.

That is power creep.

Bl2 and tps had the same things with the guns. This is actually better in many ways because they eliminated matching grips that made most parts bad.

Now there are less parts and your guns have a better chance of being good

Can we change parts and I’m missing a huge part of the game?
Otherwise parts is a completely irrelevant aspect of the game and efforts could have been focused on things that matter

It’s how the game generates the guns. It’s why there’s such a variety of weaponry, that’s a core aspect of Borderlands. Not everyone gets into it, but many many folks know a ton more than I ever will about it.

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I hear what you’re saying. I just never saw why it needed to be focused on.
If they were interchangeable then that would be excellent

It’s to keep loot unique so it feels like “Your Loot”

If every part was interchangeable people would all be running around with the same gun and thats really lame, also it would make trading useless.

I really wish they had finally made duping impossible in this game, but just like every other game they still have a way to dupe glitch… It really kills alot of the co-op experience when 1 guy comes in and just dumps legendary gear all over the place and it was all gained from duping.

I dont know that just me, the #1 thing that appeals most is the loot and when it’s too easy to get items or make them how your want, then alot of the appeal finding dies with it.

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In my opinion that’s what made me enjoy b2 so much.
I dont want to spend a year grind the same weapons for 10 different characters.
I had 3 clap trap characters because of this ability.
Otherwise I would have never wasted my time making 3 or the same character if I had to endlessly grind for the same weapons over and over and over again.
To me that’s not fun at all.