Whats up with oscar mike?

Played quite a few games and quite curious of this. Why oscar mike? Just seems like everywhere I go people pick him like instantly. (seriously he is like a character people rush to pick so no one else can use him in pvp vs like 2-3 in the same team in pve)

Is it simply because he is ridiculously easy to play and even a newbie can own people with? Too many CoD fans? Just a fan favorite?

I honestly don’t understand the whole appeal of just another standard merc/soldier. Considering there is quite the arsenal of other types of players to choose from. Personally I think that type has been shoved down our throats enough. Though I guess some characters can be summed up to the same standard stuff we have been handed over and over again to some degree. Though would have to say it seems a bit misleading since I remember the commercials saying “for every kind of badass” Part of me hoped that there would be something more than just the standard merc/sniper/tank roles. Grant it its still an amazing game otherwise

Not as misleading as the commercials for Overwatch, making it look like there would be something akin to a story mode. I’d rather play Resident Evil 6 than a game with no story.

But I digress.
I like Oscar because:
1: He’s so damn funny to me.
2: Clears enemies like a boss.
3: I love playing combat support.

He’s meant to be a typical soldier type to get new players from the Modern shooter games of today into the game by starting out as a all trades character type.

People still picking him after getting adjusted just shows that he’s a liked and well made character.

P.S. I don’t play FPS games that aren’t Bioshock, Borderlands, or Battleborn so I can’t say anything else about the CoD thing.


I think is a mix of ‘fan favorite’ with ‘as easy as the instructions to use a fork’ thing.

If you know what to pick in his helix (frag explosion on impact and then fire aoe in place) you can do ridiculous kills. Also you have the escape of invisibility and the ult, well placed, is very destructive.

There are battleborn that hit harder (for me Orendi hits like a truck) but no so easy to use… Also his lines are cool, really funny :stuck_out_tongue:


Easy to play is relative.

He is a jack of all trades but a master of non.
Every character will outclass mike in some way. He s strong against players who write him off as a noob-character, those who can not use mikes weaknesses against him and people who keep staying in the fire.

If you are doing you job with mike, (killing NPC’s) assassins will eat you.

I pick Mikey, because he is strong vs. NPC’s and versatile. He is a good supporter and pusher.
But in fact, every time I play him, I nearly piss my pants laughing. And that’s the point - I have extreme fun playing him.

Another factor is, that he has a gun and a lot of players are shooter players. People might feel more comfortable with him and intimidated by benedicts “high” requirements.

Why not? He’s easy and nice to play as. And he is very good in what he is designed to do.

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Meh most characters are easier to use IMHO. It just takes a simple understanding to make good use of them. Understanding whats good in pve and whats good in pvp. Then a bit of practice and you can easily handle most characters. >.> though in pvp its not just you so no matter how you master it your still screwed if you don’t get support. (which for me happens about 75% of the time)

There’s the answer to your question. OM is great support and can clear minion waves like nobody’s business. Sure he can’t hit as hard as Orendi, he can’t heal like Alani and Miko, and Deande has a better stealth, but you ignore OM at your peril. Here’s some proof:

My numbers would have been higher but I lost my connection and had to rejoin the match. Still, considering this was Meltdown in Paradise, I did my job in helping to secure my team’s victory. I have to give kudos to the other OM because he outplayed me, but his team didn’t support him like mine did: when I got into trouble, I could usually run to my teammates and get whoever was bothering off my back. Those deaths occurred when I wasn’t near my support (cover). Ignore OM at your own peril because he can easily sneak in and make your day a living hell.

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Have you even played more than a few hours with him? Have you unlocked his lore? He is a fantastically written character with far more depth than you think.


This. Pretty much.

I’m actually sad that he’s the go-to character for Call of the Halo-Gears: Battlefield Destiny players. I can see how he was pitched as such, and thus that’s how people will see him. But he’s so much more.

He’s funny and he has a great amount of depth to his crisis. He’s a tween boy in a man’s body with a military database dumped into his head, he’s more sensitive than most of his kind and he’s having an identity crisis.

I agree that there’s a brilliant roster of diverse characters that needs to be chosen from, more. But that shouldn’t reduce Oscar-Mike in any way, it’s just Call of the Halo-Gears: Battlefield Destiny players picking the character they think will suit them best.


He is not really a tween. More like a nerd-of-war, who is a bit naïve and incredibly unconfident (except when it comes to melt faces with napalm).

His personality was designed to love war and only war. I bet that nobody cared what would happen to the few mikes who could survive the garden campaign.

Nonetheless. He is a very funny and well written character.

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Also, he’s one of the starter characters (in addition to everything else said above)

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He is easy for new players to pick up and play. That said, you really do him a disservice by thinking he’s just a boring soldier dude, he’s hilarious. One of my favorite characters. Also, he is amazing at clearing minions and pushing the lane, so he’s not just easy to pick up and play but he’s just a good pick.

He is definitely one of the more popular picks but with 26 characters I think it is inevitable that some are going to be more popular than others, it’s just not reasonable to think they’ll all be played equally.

In PvP he is picked for being stupidly good at safely killing minions. And backdooring sentries.

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I pick him a lot for story mode for his AoE. For example, The Experiment - well-placed airstrike, or incendiary grenades inside the shield dome, can greatly reduce the damage the boss guy in the tank does. With the scope, you can pick off many smaller enemies before they get close. Finally, his stealth ability is a real boon when a team mate needs reviving in the middle of the battlefield. I do play other characters, but right now I’m just trying to get a couple (OM and Melka) to 15. Once I’ve done that, I’ll probably work more with a couple of others. (And yes, I know I’m slow!)

shooter with scope or red dot. easy choice for a newb or well rounded choice

Just unlocked and listened to “Something to Ugly Cry About”: Oscar Mike! That is some hilarious stuff… “Manly poetry about killin’ stuff” indeed!


Ironically no one plays him when I choose whiskey but otherwise he’s almost everywhere T__T

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IMO there are easier better people.

-Easy to use, without being broken.
-Really powerful if played well.
-Funny as hell.
-Fish clone-people.

So why not?

his grenades are lethal as a muddafugga

his skillset is good. every1 of his skills r good and fun (to me)

has good range.

is funny

looks cool

<3 OM