Whats up with oscar mike?

I was referring to the type as I never did say he was boring. He is the ironic make jokes all the time type of character. However I honestly don’t understand the appeal. It just feels too familiar. (though that’s probably it for a lot of people)

I can see why his skills are useful what his skills are and of how much use isn’t exactly a concern. Any character no matter how cookie cutter in their play style and design may be. (personality wise they decided to do the opposite of the serious soldier but meh that’s the only thing non standard about him)

Ive played him a bit and kinda just said nope >.> not this again. I chose battleborn to get away from the same old same old type of shooters. As of lore wise ive read it but I prefer rath/marquis/alani lore a bit more. (speaking of alani the crack about explaining pants to her always cracks me up)

Yeah not everyone is going to like him and that’s fine, that’s why there’s so many characters, something for everyone. For me I find myself gravitating towards the Rogues and UPR (I regularly play 4 of the 5 UPR) while I have barely played any of the Eldrid (decided to start playing Kelvin to fix this, wish me luck). I’m sure some people will find ISIC hilarious (I do) while others will find him crude and rude. I really don’t like Boldur’s personality and so don’t play him, I’m sure others think he’s great.

You asked why OM is popular though and I think the reasons listed are why. Easy to pick up, familiar ground, yet with a twist, and overall definitely a solid pick, I’d rank him as an “A” tier hero personally.


When ever I attack an Oscar Mike, his character sometimes yell “Oh, nice hacks bro.” Lol

But I recently played a game against an Oscar Mike who was very good and played in a very particular way. He was very stealthy. He didn’t shoot at you if he didn’t intend to get the kill. He got the last one or two minions that managed to slip by his teammates (who were very aggressive). He destroyed turrents, built turrents, and didn’t use his AoE or air strike unless someone was hard CC’d. You’d literally only saw this guy when it was to late.

Most Oscar Mike’s I go up against are front line fighters and they only ever use cloak to escape a bad situation. But this guy used it very offensively


I really dig Oscar Mike. I think of him as a respectful joke towards the CoD crowd and military attitudes in general. Oscar Mike is as goofy as he is simple. His taunts are the best of the best, and his bluster and bumble taunt perfectly encapsulates Oscar Mike’s attitude.

As for gameplay, he has a surprising amount of depth. Some helix choices, like napalm select themselves. But, choosing Tactical Rounds is always agonizing. Oscar Mike can pull shield penetration better than… anyone? He can use so many pieces of equipment well, perform so many roles… he’s the kind of character than i feel so flexible and so good that there is no reason to take more than one.

I spec him for wave-clearing and skirmishing, you could spec him for assassination, or some other fancy word.

Vets use him for his versatile nature, newbs use him because he’s the easiest to learn.

I personally play Reyna and Whiskey Foxtrot more than any other character, so the real reason I even bothered with OM was so I could anticipate what an OM player would do in any given situation. (25 OM kills in WF lore)

He’s easy to learn, but hard to predict, why would you not use him as a newbie? And if a vet likes him, there’s nothing wrong with that, either.

I just happen to be a sociopath, and played every character enough to be able to predict the average player’s movements and strategy, so they can’t escape the Semi-Auto Bullet Hell that I rain down upon their foreheads. xD

It depends on how you look at it. He’s a clone soldier. Some of his perspectives are very naive, gullible, and seem like they’re coming from the viewpoint of someone who hasn’t been in the world very long. He’s young in the sense that Johnny 5 from Short Circuit was. And that’s part of what gives him so much charm in the first place.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one, I think. He definitely comes across as that kind of young to me.

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He’s at least 17. That’s how long he has been with the UPR. According to Whiskey Tango’s lore, Oscar Mike is an idiot cloned from another idiot. Makes sense. If you’re going to build an army of clones you might as well make them brash, confident and a little bit stupid. They aren’t intended to survive, after all.

This is pretty clever, honestly. For those not paying attention they might think that Oscar Mike is actually a human. Especially if they hadn’t taken any notice of Whiskey Foxtrot.

I’d really love to learn more about his history andt he Rapid Deployment Corps. Also King and Queen Mike. In an upcoming mission, perhaps?

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Physically, yes. Note the Johnny 5 point. He has a child’s sense of wonder about a lot of things. Also, I did say ‘in a man’s body.’ It’s like he’s not aging mentally, that doesn’t mean he’s an idiot.

Edit: Wait, no one’s going to get the Johnny 5 thing, are they? … Okay, watch the Short Circuit films, then that’ll make sense.


They were bred to wage war - not to survive it. But Oscar did and now, he slowly builds up personality and interest beyond blowing up faces.

Off course whiskey foxtrot thinks low of mike. He was a failed batch and got dumped in favour of the mikes.

He is naive and try’s to find his place in life. That’s deeper, than most characters in games.

No disassemble Johnny 5. Johnny 5 is alive!


We all know that Oscar Mike is not the brightest star in the sky (see what I did there?) so the ONLY question that matters w/ Oscar Mike is this. Who IN THE HELL in the U.P.R. chain of command thought it was a good idea to authorize him access to their space laser?!! He has arachnophobia people, lives and significant amounts of property are at risk should he encounter a spider anywhere!

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[quote=“studdugie, post:32, topic:1540152, full:true”]Who IN THE HELL in the U.P.R. chain of command thought it was a good idea to authorize him access to their space laser?!!

Well, a military has to pay its soldiers. The Mikes were all clones and, as such, each others’ closest living relative. Oscar Mike is the last surviving Mike. Ergo, Oscar Mike got the total pay and death benefits of the other millions of Mikes that once lived.

Thus, Oscar Mike bought his own private fleet of stealth space laser satellites from the LLC that follow him around, ensuring that he will always have a space laser handy. The only reason he doesn’t just do space lasers and nothing else is because he has to wait for a new one to get into proper orbital alignment to fire.


No, theres a whole Planet with Mikes out there :wink:
(In case you have´nt completed his lore yet - do it! Its hilarious. In case you know and I ruined your pun with this - I´m sorry >.<)

[quote=“Ganjamira, post:34, topic:1540152, full:true”](In case you have´nt completed his lore yet - do it! Its hilarious. In case you know and I ruined your pun with this - I´m sorry >.<)

I haven’t done any of his lore (I’m actually in the process of Mastering all of the Eldrid characters; I’m weird and going 1 faction at a time); was just going off of what I’ve picked up from other people talking about it. Sorry if I got it wrong (though I like the idea of Mike being obscenely wealthy after bankrupting an entire military through inherited back pay and death benefits). I’m not even sure what pun I was making here/ >.>


I was playing him yesterday and I killed Miko. Mike says, “I ate my vegetables!” Hilarious!


Stuff like this are the reason I play mike.

Easy to play - maybe. But it still takes skill to play him flexible AND effective.

His lack of finesse also makes him predictable. Compensating this and knowing the weaknesses the other battleborns takes also some kind of skill. More meta-knowledge is required

In spite of being a fan of grenades and assault rifles in every shooter ever, my initial impression Oscar Mike was fearing he’d be pretty generic.

Then I laughed constantly while playing him and felt the joke wouldn’t be as effective if he didn’t give off that initial impression. A dude with a gun complaining about lag is self-aware fourth-wall-breaking, a faceless Sci-Fi soldier with an assault rifle and grenade launcher complaining about lag is very self-aware fourth-wall-breaking.


Seriously, there are some downright LOVABLE characters in this game. Nova, Oscar Mike, Orendi… Playables and NPCs alike. Not the A+ homerun of BL2, but a solid A nonetheless. Mike’s a disproportionately big part of that.

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That could be because people think Whiskey plays the same way, but he doesn’t. WF’s more of a ranged assassin and not a wave clearer/area denial like OM is.

I had to read this a few times to understand your statement, but I still disagree with it.