What's up with the dedicated loot drops?

Besides being exceptionally low drop rates ( I spent 2 hours last night killing Billy on M4 @ average if 2 minutes per kill, so do the math, and didnt get Raging bear class mod ), I have also seen none spawn with ANY annointments either .

It’s like the increased annointment chances added do not apply to dedicated loot pools, and I’m sorry I’ve farmed the Pheonix, Sky bullies , and now Billy on M4 for hours and hours on end and got NONE of the drops . I did get a handful of hexes from Bullies yeah but they were plain Hex and no annointments , makes me wonder if they only drop those standard non annointed ones

Its bizarre. Getting flash backs or days farming B4nkr in BL2 both at level 50 and then level 72, but somehow this is even worse because you now have to worry about it being annointed with annointment you want on top of it all.

This is just nuts. And you know GBX will dole out level cap increases too rather than do it all in one shot so we only have to farm one more time.

I’m sorry I know this is a loot shooter but why not a better mechanic? Like sure you can farm or better yet every day GbX announces a group of random enemies that drop a rare form of currency that you can then trade in for any legendary in the game from Earl or whatever.

You know…getting you to actually play the game and experience the levels and different enemies rather than kill same enemy over and over for hours. Its just lazy game design


That’s bad luck on your part. I got an anointed Tankman’s Shield from Capt Traunt the other day

One additional annoyance not mentioned is that all the highly sought after items were placed at the end of some slaughter shaft.

In my opinion, I’ve had better luck just running around M3 killing random mobs.



My favorite weapon, the Shreddifier, is dropped from last boss of the hardest slaughter shaft in the game . If the drop rate is the same as other dedicated loot drops, I’d have to beat that slaughter shaft 20 or 30 times to even hope to see one Drop, let alone the double barrel non elemental one I use

Its ridiculous. This isnt playing the game


I’ve gotten the shredifier on random world drops. Pretty sure I picked up an anointed one from Graveward. I don’t think there is a better loot software available. The game engine is the best of the best for this. Beyond that I don’t know what can be done. Everything is based on chance and difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the better the chance. The higher your luck, the better your chance. My suggestion is to keep to the highest level and play multiplayer. That will give you the best chance at finding the best gear. Aside from that, play split screen and have a dummy character tag along aka just sit there and when they reach level 50 play in cooperation while farming. You’ll get 2 different drops of level 50 gear. Splits your time in half.

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I still just farm graveward for most guns. Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, the new mods need to be specifically farmed, so after 4 hours of killing Billy when he finally stops teleporting long enough for me to hit him, I also haven’t seen a single raging bear.

I have seen about 5 lead sprinklers and about 5… The other dedicated drop I he has that I’m not into (can’t remember it as im writing).

Like I may not have places to be or things to do, but I’m sure my time could be spent much better than this. Back in bl2, I might spend this long farming if I wanted something perfect, rather than to just see one on the first place.

I’d chalk it up to bad luck if I’d had my luck be any different when farming other dedicated loot, but this appears to be just how it goes for some reason.

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After a week of farming dedicated loot mobs I can tell you its not just bad luck. My 2 sons have the same experience.


After the drop increase, the only difference I am seeing is in the amount of legendaries dropping absolutely no difference in the boss specific drops at all. Getting tired of this. I don’t care about world drops, they are world drops, we need a noticeable increase in specific drops (especially when they are tied to Trials!).

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Trial Bosses were apparently left out of the drop rate increase in the last patch because Tremendous Rex drops either a Maggie or Lyuda almost 50% of the time now for me. I just wish the anointment and elemental versions dropped more frequently. Still couldn’t find the one I wanted, but they were dropping which is a huge improvement over before.


We’ve received feedback that farming certain bosses can be more time consuming then others. We agree and as a result, we’ve buffed the loot drop rates on Trial bosses, Slaughter bosses and Rare Spawn enemies.

From Noelle’s notes on the last patch Thursday

Edit---- bosses not affected were added in a hotfix later on Thursday

I’m getting the feeling the devs had alanis morissette’s “ironic” on repeat when they created the lootpool xD

i’m farming a classmod for zane and it actualy feels like i’m getting 10000 spoons when i need a knife :joy: :joy: :joy:

literaly every classmod drops… (most crappy rolls) but not the one i’m looking for :smiley: i allready know i’m going to rage when one drops (and it turns out to be worse then the single one i allready have equiped)

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I did not notice any difference. Like everything else here, nerfs are big, buffs are small.

I have been running Zane through the Trial of Discipline for about 24 hrs of game time…by the time I get it I will never want to play him again.

Moze’s new mod took 4 1/2 hrs.
FL4K’S took 5 hrs.
After over 14hrs I have not seen a Driver com for Amara.

That’s insanity on my part, I know.

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did any of you play BL2 ???

Farm Bunker for a bitch or try to spawn verm to the the norfleet

Yeah, dorp rates are fine in this game, if anything they are generous.

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BL2 being worse does not mean BL3 is fine. There is a reason everyone used Gibbed for BL2. Also BL3 is a completely different game with vastly different varieties and item systems.


The only item I had to spend hours to farm in BL2 was a 94% Sham.

World drops seem more generous in BL3 on Mayhem 3, much worse on Normal or TVHM, and dedicated drops are way Way waaaaay worse in BL3 aside from the aforementioned Sham.


BL3 requires not only a good role but also a random anointment - so its not apples to apples. The extra level of item buffs makes them more rare. Legendaries in BL3 are more like purples were in BL2.


i didn’t bought the game but may i ask: why ?

An anointment adds an additional buff, that endgame, becomes about necessary, in order to max you build, but there are many different ones and they are a rarer spawn.

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I am not seeing anything different in drop rate, hours and hours of just disappointment on the search for loot. There is no reason why anyone should have to farm 4 hours in one spot to get nothing, it happens in almost every game now, the patch notes tell you want to hear so they can say , look we helped you , keep playing we listen. (Not feeling it)