Whats up with the draco?

everyone is saying something up with it but im missing something.

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What exactly are they saying about it? I’d like to know.

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In the original game, both it’s rarity and name were bugged. According to this post those have been fixed for new drops in the remaster, but not ones in imported saves:


So the only two glitches that were beneficial were fixed but I still can’t get a plauge. Slow…sarcastic hand clap, gearbox.

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My thoughts exactly - Job half done Gearbox congrats, let’s hope they fix some more in the next 10 years…LOL!


s/gearbox/blind squirrel games/ since they did the actual port.

But yes, it would have been nice to see certain things fixed (KYII glitch anyone?)

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What is a ky11 glitch?

“Keep Your Insides Inside” - the “purchase a shield from Zed” early mission, which you seem to magically get a second time through co-op play and then can’t ever turn it in because Zed is now in New Haven, but the script wants you to turn the mission in to him in Fyrestone. Take a look sometime at the match browser - you will occasionally see a bunch of people who are probably end-game farming but all have the KYII mission active…

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that happened to me once. it sucked i was so confused lol

This is off topic but whatev…speaking of zed being in new haven. It always irked the crap out of me that zed is your very first mission provider…moves to not one but three new locations…and gives you ZERO more missions after those first few

As I understand it, KYII was some kind of secondary mission that was scrapped in development but still in the code, until some jacka** hacked it active, and now when you join the game of someone who has it, it jumps to you. And you can’t get rid of it without save file editing. It seems to be a PT2/PT2.5 thing; my PT1 characters have been in the game of someone who has it and it’s not active on them yet. Probably it’ll kick in when I try to take one to PT2 and then completely screw me over by preventing the actual story quest to buy a shield from completing.

Why Gearbox didn’t fix it after ten years of complaints about it is beyond me

I’d always thought it was associated with https://borderlands.fandom.com/wiki/Fix’er_Upper - like the second stage where you actually purchase a shield once you fix the machine. Weird how it crops up when you co-op. At least it doesn’t perma-kill your character like that infamous BL2 bug…

“Keep Your Insides Inside is a quest that was removed from the game. Modders used Willowtree to activate it, and then passed it on to others by hosting games.
It can never be completed by playing the game.
The only way to get rid of it is to use modding software.”

When you join someone else’s game, you pick up all their active quests. So if they have KYII, you pick it up from them and it gets forever stuck in your quest list.

That’s why when I trade with someone, or give them a spare pearl I have that they want, I join their game instead of inviting them to mine. That way they won’t get it from me if they don’t have it already