What's up with the lag

Every match today has felt like yellow/red bar despite the game claiming I’m green bar.
Skills not working properly and everyone is teleporting all around the map. Shot Whiskeys Triple Threat and the animation only played for two shots, cat smash and no smash came out, input lag, can’t deal damage to someone right in my face with melee attacks and so on.

Others complaining about it too in game. I was excited to start playing public matches again but it feels ridiculous to try and play like this.


It’s being looked at.


@reliikki man I had some lag in that Face-Off match against you before. I was Attikus and all I did was pouncing into mid fight and holding LMB.

Yeah that was the worst one by far, I kept smashing my attack buttons and Rath just kind of noped. Skills didn’t fare any better. At least in the previous match my LMB worked :sweat_smile:

Hopefully they resolve this soon so that I can get back to playing!

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Just played a face-off match with Montana. Worst experience. You see an enemy player, click Dash skill, player teleports out of your screen, you Dash nowhere, skill is on cooldown, no enemy player on screen, no damage done. Then you start shooting someone, only after 2-3 seconds you start to see the damage numbers pop out. Yeah. Cool stuff.

Don’t want to be THAT guy, but this will make so pretty good first impressions for all the new people.

Somehow the game feels much less smooth than before the patch too. Too many jaggy animations and ■■■■■■■■ fps drops here and there.