What's up With This?

Don’t know if this a spoiler. I will pretend it isn’t:

In normal mode, I found ALL the “Typhon Reward Caches”. I noted all of them on non-Mayhem TVHM, and they were all “active”.

Than I went into Mayhem mode, and, thus far, ALL THE “TYPHON REWARD CACHES”, thus far, ARE INACTIVE!!!

What’s up with that???

{Yeah, I used all caps alot, exclamation marks, and question marks… so sue me}

Once you open Typhon’s chest it remains open. Each of them is one time only per character.


Not that chest give you that much great loot…

99,99999% is vendor trash…

Legendaries are easy to get and anoinments broke the already boring loot pool…

There’s still 1 time only items (crew challenge)

Special chests are useless…

I can go on and on about stuff that’s just wrong with this game…


But, I never opened the chest on any planet/zone.

Could it have something to do with Mayhem levels?

So what did you do with them? Your Crew Challenges are not finished?

Did you find all the logs?

I’m not sure but, i don’t think that if you found and activated the logs without opening the chests in NVHM, they do not carry over to TVHM

Yes, I found all the logs. The “loot cache” showed up, and I DID NOT open them. Again, could it be a “feature” of Mayhem mode?

OK, I dropped into non-Mayhem mode and the caches are/were still deactivated. Well… I guess I will accept that I don’t get loot caches for this character…“boo hoo!”

Probably a weird bug :sweat_smile: seriously cannot think about why the game did this.

Just throw it on the pile of stuff needing to get fixed (probably never)

You can send in a support ticket but i doubt it would be of much help

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This. Exactly. Those typhon chest might as well not even exist. I get better out of rando Badasses.

Seriously took the fun out of all the chests imho :sweat_smile:

The handful of usable weapons (also known as legendaries) i found in chests i either didn’t pick up or sold because i already found a better roll (better/usable anointment)

Wish they actually did something more with item quality… Atm it’s just farming for a handful of legendary weapons that are worth it. Any legendary classmod is better then a non legendary (same for artifacts)

I thought typhon drops would be special… But after opening a few i regretted putting in the time finding all the damn things (like i regret putting in all the time playing instead of buying this game some years from now when it may be better)