What's with all the hate against premade groups?

8/10 times they win because they’re able to communicate, but even if I’m in a group and lose it’s still 10x more fun then going in solo .-.


Very true, speaking as someone who plays in a 5-man premade 90% of the time (drinking and laughing premade, not tryhard).

However, no one likes to get stomped, and i can sympathize with this, having spent the majority of my Battleborn life-span getting rolled by tryhard premades. That’s why things like Bots Battle and Solo Queue are so good for the community; they give solo-queuers and new players alike a chance to play WITHOUT us ruining their day. More power to 'em!


Same reason people complain about people better than them… It’s much easier to blame your losses on anything else but yourself.

Anyone remember that kid you race against in The Pre-Sequel? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I blame Ernest (@nbrownlie237), personally.



Because blame is a thing on the net, btw many PvP peeps frown on me for being PvE :wink:


(Rath voice and face of disgust): You lowly scum!


Dragon looking at Attikus: You Dog face :smile:


I don’t think anybody truly hates premades per say, just the idea that your random group of fellow solo-ers of incredibly varied experience levels is at a disadvantage from the onset due to a lack of communication or familiarity with playstyles. I don’t care about getting beat. Getting beat happens, but i like being competitive at least. It’s one thing to lose a match where the skill levels are even. It’s another thing entirely when some random El Dragon is kill feeding experience or somebody is picking Pendles, knowing they won’t be of any help against the comp you’re facing

Yeah that came off really salty. What i meant to say was things like solo q alleviate this


The hate isn’t against premades. It’s against the stompy CC meta group that calls out targets and destroys the opponents by way of terrible matchmaking against even the lowest of ranks, and long ago have even gone into old quick match instead of competitive for easier stomps. These are those that cause this hatred


Well, as someone who almost never ran solo after finding my group, I mainly enjoy playing the game with my own group of competent friends. It’s a relief playing Incursion with people who know how to play the mode. So you don’t have the top melee damager grabbing thralls or running in and getting him/herself killed while we’re trying to do the basic thing of holding lane. Of course it seems like the pre-mades all stomp because we spent most of the game’s lifespan getting to know how to play around each other, when to and not to do certain things, teaching each other how to play the game and certain characters. Most premades don’t run around looking for stompy games, we find that pretty boring in fact and I know my group all picks random whenever we run into randoms below a certain level to challenge ourselves if only a little bit. We enjoy the good, challenging games of running into five-mans we know are tough games.


This sir/madam gets it. Most people who play PvP Battleborn, to my knowledge at least, are just a bunch of Average Joes looking for some fun against other Average Joes. When it turns out the other team is Globo Gym, and the other team always seems to be Globo Gym (even if that’s not the case), well… there you have it.


I have VERY mixed feelings about this matter.

On the one hand, as @handsomecam said, I group up with my buddies 97 percent of the time when I play. We’re not “try hard”, we’re just in it for the lawlz and the talks and we happen to also be pretty good at the game.

And, with the exception of a couple recent rough patches, we don’t lose much.

We don’t go as easy as we should against lower level people (I’m soooo close to Angel of Death, and, frankly, I don’t have many titles left to get!), but we’re not obnoxious about it, either.

Those clutch, super hard fought, Uber tense but also sooooo satusfying equal skill matches are what we live for, and, lately, there have been MANY more of those kinds of matches than easy kill fests.

And WE even get stomped sometimes!

On the OTHER hand, I’ve been trying my hand at solo queing again lately, and, while it’s not as bad as I remember it being months ago, it can be downright brutal and terrifying sometimes, if not often.

And I can only imagine how scary it must be for newer, less seasoned players (a level we ALL were at at some point).

Could I see it potentially push away more players than it keeps?


Will I stop grouping up?

No! Ive become spoiled!

I am somewhat worried that the chats and communities I’ve started are flooding PS4 PVP with more premades, BUT, BB is better when grouped up anyway, so I truly hope I am helping more people have a good experience than turning people away!


As most people on these forums know, i can get PRETTY worked up over how important new players are in Battleborn’s current state…

That being said, don’t EVER doubt that “Forum Folks” has done more good than bad, because you’ve helped a couple hundred forum-going players, who make up the core of the community, to have a better time; that’s worth more than a THOUSAND new players in my eyes, because it’s unlikely that many of them would care about Battleborn like WE do. Without the people contributing on these forums, there IS no community for the devs to ask opinions and feedback from. YOU DO WELL!!

Also, in case someone takes the above out of context, i am NOT trying to say that there is no Battleborn community without the PS4 forum-goers…


It’s sort of like a food chain. There’s a portion of the playerbase out there who mostly solo queue for whatever the reason (groups are already full, don’t have enough people on their friends list, bad at communicating what have you) For me it’s the former. A few are so good, they can carry the team to victory anyways, as long as the rest of the randoms are halfway competent.

Then us mere mortals do well with a decent team, but can’t seem to move the meter one inch with a terrible group. We experience that scenario enough times in a row that when things do skew back in our favor, we feast. A lot of times when i ‘stomp’ low levels, it’s just because i’m taking my frustrations out on them. And so the cycle goes. You have guppies (the newer, less experienced players) barracudas (seasoned vets) and sharks (people are just really damn good) and not a lot of disparity in between.



Well said, sums it up perfectly!

I don’t have anything against premade teams. I get into semi/full premade groups a couple of times too.

I simply consider that method to be the easy mode to win against pugs. However, when a full premade goes against another full premade of good players, that’s where all the fun is found. The best matches are experienced in this setting.

Solo queuing is a lot harder and it helps on developing individual player’s skill. Way more than being in a full premade team with good players all the time.


When I see solo quers and I’m not distracted I do send community invites out, so it’s still contributing to helping all around as well

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Yeah I try to friend request and get into one of the chats the better solo players I dime across!


I have nothing against premade teams. I often play with a full 5, but usually just 3 or 4 nowadays. I do, however, have an issue with some premade teams. Let me preface this by saying that these are not games that I lose thus creating the salt. I do not recall the last time I lost a game in a full team.

The teams that I have a problem with are teams that are squadding in a five man and running legendary gear. Most five mans are familiar with tournaments and private matches, even if they have never participated in either. They see our gear, see that we are respecting the competitive rules, yet try to gain an advantage with gear that throws off the creative balance of characters.

The other type of premade that I hate to see is the group that are average to slightly above average players running broken comps you would never get in a real game and trying to stomp randos. Whenever I encounter them I try to send a message telling them that they should spend some time solo until they get better individually. They are gaining a false sense of skill by playing with the advantage of being in a premade against randoms. I paid my dues. My teammates have paid their dues. We have all hard carried randoms against full teams time and time again playing solo or duo against 5. Those kids should do the same instead of trying to stomp randoms when they are not good

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Think you’re kinda overestimating legendary gear a bit here and finding something to blame your losses on. I’ve ran 0 cost on gear on thorn in a 5v5 and hit 220k damage, the other team were running legendary gear and I topped damage by a long mile. Also, you’re not in competitive play so there are no rules.

You can see what they pick, you can try and counter them.[quote=“mikem1, post:19, topic:1556096”]
I try to send a message telling them that they should spend some time solo until they get better individually.

Not sure if you’re trying to be helpful or insulting here, but most people will probably find this insulting and makes you sound very salty.