What's with Battlestar, LLC?

So, I realize a lot of companies create holding companies and such for various things which doesn’t mean anything, but on the back of the CE I just got, I noticed the copyright is Battlestar, LLC. I’m guess it’s solely for the CE, and possibly the other merchandise?

Gearbox have used it since they announced HW Remastered (or ‘HD’ as it was way back when).

I wonder what will happen when someone releases a Battlestar Galactica mod and the inevitable nastygrams come out from the IP owners.


Ah, didn’t realize they were using it for quite some time. I was curious if there was some kind of “deeper” meaning behind it.

There probably is a deeper meaning- Homeworld’s ties to BSG go all the way back to the beginning. It was originally conceived as a Battlestar game, though it became an original-IP project before any significant amount of work had been done. Thematically, there are still loads of connections- a resource-starved fleet, carrying the last of a nearly-annihilated people, hunted by the same enemy that destroyed their world, searching for a long-forgotten world with ties to their ancestors, where they can rebuild their lives… religious references here there and everywhere… sound familiar?


Good point.