What's with Claptrap?

What’s with Claptrap? When I first picked him, the game warned me 2 times… idk why
Is he really that difficult?

It’s just a little in-game joke. It’s like the game’s asking if you really want to play as the annoying little robot.

ohhh, so it’s a joke
I thought he’s difficult

The annoying little hunk of scrap metal is actually insanely fun to play.

Can mimic the action skills of all 6 VHs from BL2 before meeting them: “Continuity? We don’t need no stinkin’ continuity”

Rubber duck: extremely silly yet surprisingly effective. Can you say “Monty Python”?

Torgue fiesta: Confetti! Fiesta! Grenades! Samba!

Pirate Ship: “Is this cannon?” Totally wrecks face (I’m looking at you, invincible sentinel) and makes me laugh out loud every time.

Maniacal laughter: Muahahahahahaha! (Yes, I’m literally laughing out loud again)

I don’t know who dreamed up Clappy’s skill tree, but to whichever crazed and inspired maniac did so: Well done. Well done indeed!

The insanity gets real when you have more then one clappy on the team… omg so much random fun!

I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb-chucking Fragtrap. He’s (literally?) a blast. I LMAO’d too the first time I got the pirate-ship. Perfectly done, with the whole cannon-firing finale to the 1812 Overture to boost the adrenaline to fever levels. Cleaned house too. Notice that the cannon shots are timed to the music? Great touch.

The rest of the random skills are a hoot too, and keep you on your toes. That left-side tree (Boomtrap) kicks arse. I coupled One Last Thing and Coincidental Combustion with an 11-shell Hyperion quad, and oooh, baby. Pop-pop-BOOM! . . . pop-pop-BOOM! Nothing survives for long on the wrong end of it. Twice as awesome on frozen dudes.

And let’s not forget his unique advantage–he doesn’t breathe. Huge vacuum? No problem! Save that O2 for jumps.

He is insanely powerful…

first couple of times I cooped with a Clappy I was totally lost…had no clue what was coming next and some of his skills caught me totally off guard.

Now I am much more used to them and know how to react and add to the fight instead of standing around figuring out what to do or how to shut something off…LOL

He’s actually really, really good, and fun to play as.

I now hate him less. A LOT LESS.

Also, Jakobs Gatling Gun+Funzerker=This area now has no Scavs/Marines/Torks

Claptrap is awesome, but sometimes getting one on your team is a pain, especially when he uses that action skill where it forces everyone in the game to spray their weapon like Windex. Kind of annoying.

I always want a Clap in the party if I’m going multi player, soooo effective with that random ammo regen if I’m using an IVF. To me the perfect party has Athena, Fragtrap and whatever the hell else the other two want to be because the basics are covered.