What's with the bots on Coldsnap?

I usually play against bots to warm up before I play against real players and I’ve notice whenever I play against bots on Coldsnap it always feels like I’m playing against real players or that I’m fighting them all on my own. One time I actually LOST against them because I wasn’t even paying attention all that much. On paradise everything is chill, the bots aren’t much of a threat and I always win without any trouble at all. But on Coldsnap it’s like either my AI team is stupider or the enemy AI is smarter.

At the beginning of the match I played recently somehow the enemy bots end up in the lead, almost every time I try to take out one wave of minions the entire enemy team is there shooting at me forcing me to run, and even if I do manage to kill all the minions and move to the other side, our minions on that side are completely wiped out and the enemy minions are almost if not already at the incinerator. At the middle of the match when the incinerators all are moved the enemy bots just send a constant stream of elite bots on both sides, they were ahead like 80 points, and I have to constantly run back and forth killing both of them as well as the normal minion waves to the point where I literally have no time to even defend my minions against the bots, I just have to hope my AI team is doing it, all while they are also destroying all of our buildables (mostly the accelerator) causing me to also farm shards in between to keep them up.

In the end I won 500-348, only because when I realized how badly we were losing in the beginning I pretty much had to be laser focus the rest of the match.

TL;DR: There’s something different about the bots on Coldsnap, both on my and the enemy team. Whenever I play the other maps against bots it’s always a chill warmup and an easy win, that’s never the case on Coldsnap.