Whats with the exit during Player kills?

How does this benefit them?

Scenario currently happening:

  1. You have killed a Player
  2. They exit quick and reconnect.

Is there reasoning to this madness?

I think that if you time this properly you can avoid the death/kill. I played with a Montana yesterday that kept doing that over and over, and each team he was out really far or getting swarmed by enemies.

It’s also a quicker way of getting back to base, even in the midst of a fight. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from that one game.

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Wow this is a really terrible way of handling respawns. Report them.

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It probably allows them to avoid long respawn times. Why wait 50 seconds when you could just reconnect?
I’m sure that’s the mentality for this exploit…
luckily I haven’t experienced anyone doing this yet

…Wow! It’s 50 seconds sometimes?

Only when you’re doing really good, like 21-0 and then you die then you’ll get a long respawn time. If it’s late game and someone is doing bad then the highest they’ll get is around 40-45 seconds.

Like everybody else is saying, it let’s you get back sooner than waiting to respawn, and if you care about your stats you can disconnect before you die and reconnect without it adding a death to your stats.

Yea, the current respawn system is set so that the losing team respawns more quickly than the losing team. I think it also takes into account K/D because team members can have different respawn times as well. Also how long the match goes on affects respawn times, the longer the match goes, the longer your respawn will be.

Respawn is based on character level

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Since you typed in all caps you seem pretty upset. Source? proof? I am guessing off experience, so if you have proof instead of yelling at other forum members maybe PROVIDE PROOF AND NOT YELL AT THEM.

SORRY I JUST TEXT PEOPLE LIKE THIS OFTEN ENOUGH THAT I FORGET IT’S FOR YELLING AT PEOPLE. I apologize. All of my friends only skim what they read, so caps makes it urgent enough to read. This is the best source I can remember seeing, but I’d trust Slif even if I was told that Montana can run faster than Miko by managing his alt spin.

Ok cool, thanks. It could be based off levels, but it doesn’t seem to be 100% tested or proven. While I know Slif one is usually right, I’ll need to test then to make sure.
Thank you again>

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I’m pretty sure that respawn time is based on score. It’s definitely not character level.

I would think that it is something closer to what I had first posted. But, I haven’t proven my theory, and I am pretty sure that character level isn’t the only deciding factor. But during my play sessions, I am usually several levels ahead of everyone and do have longer respawn times. But I will test once I get home and will have a better understanding with an in depth look.

Ok, @epicender584 as unable to do some fine testing. But I can confirm that it is not solely based on character level. Yesterday had 2 different games, one where I was on the winning team and at level 10 My respawn time was 50 seconds. I had another game, my team was getting destroyed I was level 10 and my respawn time was close to 20 seconds.

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