What's with the mission breaking boss pathing in some story missions?

Last night I couldn’t complete the Sentinel because the final boss got bugged because apparently you cant destroy the shards before he heals or else the game has no clue what to do and the boss just freezes and doesn’t do anything and can’t be killed.

Today, I’m playing Algorithm and Isic’s head gets stuck allll the way at the top of the hole in the ceiling and he can’t dislodge himself. I can’t die because he’s not doing enough damage to me and I chose a melee character so I can’t kill from range.

WHY? Like seriously how does this simple ■■■■ not occur to you guys that maybe you should make shards indestructible if they are that integral to the pathing, or close off a ceiling? Jesus. You guys DO test these maps, right?

Actually, he gets bugged when you finish destroying the shards while he is in mid-jump. It’s not a pathing issue; it’s a scripting issue: when the shards are destroyed, the script tells him to jump back to the central platform, but it can’t because he’s in the air and incapable of performing that action. Because the action can’t be performed, the boss gets stuck and stops doing stuff.

It’s super annoying, yes (it has happened to me numerous times), but it’s just something you’ve got to learn. They’ll probably fix it at some point (either changing the script or just shielding the shards until he’s on the platform if it’s too hard to fix the script).

Once again, it’s not really Gearbox’s fault; it’s an issue with the Unreal Engine shunting entities to the wrong side of the geometry when there’s a collision problem. ISIC has a lot of problems like this since he’s absolutely massive and composed of numerous parts (sometimes he’ll jump and get shunted outside of the room; he “teleports” back in after a few seconds, but it’s weird and annoying when it happens).