What's with the noob-stomping?

So, I just decided to get into PvP, and got surprised on how badly optimized this is for teams. I got put into a match full of “noobs” (like me), and proceeded to get stomped to the point of us having 0 kills and the opposing team dozens.

Isn’t there a way to find people of my level? I know the only solution to these kind of games is “get good”, but damn, that’s a bit extreme.

Right now not really, if you’re on PS4 then you can reach out to the group on there

I’ll give you the non-sugar coated reality of that situation.

Right now, no there isn’t a way. The population isn’t large enough for the match making to have the ELO enabled again. However, once the winter update hits that will most likely change. Once the game has its “free to try” model that will definitely change.

On a related note, IMHO you shouldn’t even be looking into PvP until you’ve run through the story missions and leveled up a few toons to 10 or so. The reason being you won’t be able to really hold your own unless you really understand your toon and have at least 2 or 3 alternatives to play in the event someone picks your favorite/main. Not to mention, while you don’t need legendaries, you should have at least a few pieces of decent gear and a few load outs to accommodate the game mode you’re playing.
I’ve seen too many cases of newbies going into capture with load outs they’ll never get to activate. 3 zero cost or 2 zero cost with a really cheap green/purple is normally your best bet. I see some people with all purples and by the time they can activate one the game is almost done. Or some where new players are running no gear because they jumped right into PvP.


I’ve been playing with @JoesOs on Xbox lately, and he’s been inviting new players into the party so we can teach them the ropes. Hopefully you can find someone like that.


I am sorry you had this experience, I face this from time to time as well, depending on if I am soloing or grouping up.

I asked this question to my fellow PS4 players and if you are on PS4 most incursions matches would be the equivalent of a ranked mode. This is not to say that you will not get a stomping over in quick match with a full 5 man pre-made though.

Speaking generally, Quick Match is more friendly to new players. Incursion is where most experienced players go to have matches, and they get competitive there.


i agree on not having three legendaries in PVP but i think 3 zero cost items give you a big late game disadvantage.

Nothing is ever friendly when your giving double hugs :dizzy_face:

If you are in ps4 i can help you :smiley: we have a chat if you need to find a team.

I love to teach all the dark secrets of battleborn!

I try to keep some balance on my gear. I often try to have some kind of “stair” as far as costs go, probably with some shard-generating gear in case I have something expensive. I already played the campaign a lot, or at least I consider I did (I’m rank 21). I guess I’ll have to wait for the winter update, then :confused:

I don’t know how to reply to a few people at once, so sorry for the double post.

I’m on steam. I’d appreciate some kinda “help group” or something to get the grip of games.

Was referring to capture with that statement. Even with a shard generator chances are by the time you get to activate a legendary there’s not much time to use it.

In meltdown/incursion I normally run zero cost shard with 1 purple/legendary or 3 purple.
Or one of my fav’s is zero shard, zero build, with a legendary. Helps you out level early through mid game but still keep you relevant end game. And that elite bot on first minion wave is huge for lane control using that load out.

Join the Discord!
There’s a fair bit of us there who talk sometimes (I accidentally deleted the app and keep on forgetting to re-download so I haven’t been on in a lil while), and it’s a great thing to utilize. And the devs come and talk about how gay their characters are!

I’m not kidding
I kind of expected that to be avoided for almost ever


It’s a mess at the moment but hopefully once the winter update is out and we get the dojo to train, new players can get the hang of things a bit better. If it’s being too much for now I recommend doing some private matches with bots. lets you learn the maps and know a bit of whats going on without the pressure

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yeahlp, like epicender said, join the discord! :slight_smile: ive gotten relatively fair tens mans going fri sat and sun this past weekend, with players of all skill levels.

tried to get a 10 man going on ps4, but too many folks felt that ten mans are ‘competitive’ (and they didnt want to play competitively) for some reason :confused:

we had plenty of non 105s in the pc ten mans, and a few <10. we have the benefit of splitting our teams to make the game balanced with whoever we have, rather than relying on rng of mm <3

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My method of title recognition is pretty effective but I don’t see many using it. The only possible way is through private matches or inviting players you know to your party. This might change with the upcoming winter update but there’s no word about “fixing matchmaking problem” so far.

Welcome to the pvp world in any game where the answer to most of the complains is “get good”. If you started pvp at the beginning of this game released date, you wouldn’t have such inconvenience. Unfortunately, at this point in time, Battleborn is not newb Friendly (again this might change with the winter update). You either learn quickly and improve player’s skill to win or keep getting stomped by skilled players until you reach/surpass their level of experience.

My cup runneth over with stun.


That’s mainly due to a few, but very loud, minority of overly competitive players (mainly from other games) or ones that feel that if you don’t play competitive you’re just not good. They absolutely kill the joy of playing competitively. And though I’ve only played a handful of 10 man’s on the PC I’ve yet to encounter one of them so at least Battleborn doesn’t seem to be suffering from that.

I should also add, for the newer players, there’s a decent number of us that do play full pre-mades and we do check your level (and playtime if your profile is actually public) and adjust accordingly. ie, we random or play our least played/favorite. Come up with horrible team comps or take crappy helix choices. Or my personal favorite: The 5 man support only team!
Actually a few nights ago we ran into that so I random’d. Got Marquis and played pistol only. Was hard as hell resisting the temptation to zoom in and finish off someone running away, but did present a challenge against a team of two 105’s and 3 sub 20’s.


I’m veteran myself, but what annoy me the most is how the matchmaking loves to bundle all the newbies together just to throw then against a team of 105.

Hopefully the winter update will address the matter somewhat. Til there, hold tight my friend.

When I’m against a team of newbies I fight the good fight, but as soon as they turn to run I let they go and go back to objectives and stuff. I have no interest in discourage a battleborn friend for the sake of kills.

if they stay they die tho



Same here. I chase the enemy off so I can focus on the objective, but if they stick around…well, I can’t be held responsible for what happens. :dukewhistle: