Whats with the number 3,832 in guns love and tentacles?

Literally almost every time I open a safe or box or locker where there is a cash reward, it is $3,832.

or $11,499. Now if I multiply $3,832 x 3 I get $11,496 so not sure why $11,499.


Probably an unseen decimal as far as the multiplication is concerned.


its the amount of days it will take to fix what’s wrong with the game


It’s leet speek for EBES which means eurasia business and economics society…
No its number’s for letters and means CHCB which is community health center of burlington…
Or its a hydrocarbon with the formula chcl3 which kinda looks like chcb and maybe that’s the cure for corona.
No, easy one, 3832 devided by 2,866118175 is 1337 and…

I think it has something to do with just the loot table and scaling.
Like, the game probably defines different sizes of cash rewards, where and how commonly they are found and then scales those with your level.
So I guess the DLC might just have a bit less variety in terms of what cash rewards do drop due to time constraints, and honestly, because it’s not particularily relevant.
So the $3,832 on level 57 with a particular Mayhem multiplier is probably just the equivalent of the $3 bundles you find when you start the game.
Also, jgartenbenz is probably right about the unseen decimal. It’s probably actually $3,832.3, just that the .3 usually isn’t relevant (no idea where that decimal comes from though, maybe an interaction with a guardian perk rank) unless you get bigger packages.