Whats with the Operations scavengers?

Seems like the last couple of times I’ve done the Ops, I get this one teammate that just dedicates their time to being as far from the team and action as possible. I mean, I get that you get more points by looting them but that shouldn’t require you to leave your team behind while they do all the work.

Nothing more obnoxious than getting KO’d and waiting for that guy to sprint frantically across the map to Rez you then sprint back off to the next corner.

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Completionists gotta complete. It could be that they’re going for max Ops Points to get the commander loot pack (possible if you start at 50 and get everything.) I don’t know - maybe try firing off a quick msg if you run into it again and ask (politely) what they’re doing?

Edit to add: I have the opposite problem generally in PvE - I hate it when players are in a rush to just get through to the end, and don’t spend the time maximising team score. Also, quite a few of the pushers end up spawning multiple groups of enemies and then dying frequently.


Im sry for that but personally i prefer to get 100 points all the time.

1 comander loot packs worths atleast 1900 credits.

I do it sólo instead of “waste” someone else time or this someone else wasting mine.ñ


i prefer getting the whole 100 and the commander pack (it’s not a regular lootpack!). there’s a 100% chance for a skin or at least credits if you already have it. also there seems to be a quite high chance of legendaries in commander packs. rushing through the mission is fun in the normal stories but in my opinion in the ops you should loot everything. i just play it with my friends though, in public there’s almost everytime someone who fails a mission which makes the looting all for nothing.


Old pve, rush to the boss Sincé is the only way to get a legendary.

Operaciones points worth a chance for a legendary :wink: so it worth the time.

And also die too many times from pushing too hard, resulting in no legendary! (Especially if no-one bothered to pick up extra lives along the way.)

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Pft that only happens in the heliophage

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I’ve had it happen plenty of times on Saboteur, Experiment, Archive, Sentinel, and Renegade. To the point that I am very wary of fully random groups any more.

I carry all the team

Saboteur: kleese
Experiment: any assasin and buying all buildables
Archive: boldur
Sentinel: marquis, thorn, toby
Renegade: kleese again

I cant carry in heliophage :confused:

My friend found it’s better to hold off on the OPs point run until you finish the first and last challenge (the one with the beacon and the one outside of Aria’s door). That way you’re not running into 100 OPs point level difficulty until you face Aria and it helps prevent the scenario you’ve just described. Aria’s fight won’t start until you’ve gone through the door, so that’s a good time to pick up any missing points.


Good points. I’ve actually traversed the entire map back to the start point before now - the server time is pretty generous, so you can do a LOT of exploring before facing the final battle.

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While in theory I 100% agree with this (and have tried it) I find that people aren’t willing to go back for the ops points and just head through the door, negating the possibility of getting 100 ops. Even when your at 99 points.

The only reason I run the ops now is to get that commander loot pack. Unfortunately, I can’t trust people not to trigger the Aria fight before getting all the points, so I am the person the OP is referring to that is off on my own hunting.

I WANT to be helping in the fights, as that is the reason to play, but I want to make sure we get all the points as well. If I have to run off on my own to do that, so be it I guess.

It is for this reason I usually run the ops solo, even though I prefer to play with people. I can ask people to go for 100 points when it starts, but so few people use a mic that I have no idea what their intentions are (get all points or an A to B rush completion).

I wish ops points were strictly based off challenges instead of hunting for chests, that way, the team wouldn’t need to be fragmented.


I only play with friends, so I generally don’t have that issue. You might want to check out the Unofficial Discord channel to find fellow players so you can coordinate before you start the mission.


All of the peeps I enjoyed playing with went over to BF1…traitors. Left me here alone to defend the last star. Thanks for the tip though.

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What platform are you playing on?
I only play the mission to get 100 OPs points. ^^

Likewise. If I don’t get 100 Ops points, I usually quit and retry (in private). The commander lootpack is where it’s at. I scavenge for those before moving on to the next area. It sucks when newbies do go on while I’m looking and start the next objective and end up dying or worse, failing a side objectives! (I’m looking at you Boombots and Assault Ship thingy).


I’m an xboxer.

GT: Bawbie D

I have a system for getting max Ops points, I do it to guarantee everyone ends up with 100 Ops when we get to the boss. No backtracking required.

If people are dying, it is probably because they are rushing encounters way quicker than they should be as taking that extra time to pick off enemies and opening chests will result in less deaths will likely net you with a few more levels than simply going straight to where the bullets are flying.

That being said, I mostly play private solo or with the other Aussies so no one has to deal with my filthy completionist self. :triumph:


The bane of my Operations. With no friends that enjoy farming the ops and not being able to trust people to be able to follow the side objectives and help find all the Ops, I now only do ops solo too. Solo Ops is honestly the best way to get about 100 ops, maybe at least a two man but its far easier solo.

You don’t have to deal with max 5 MX Elite Bots spawning in section 2 either!!