What's Wrong with Invictus?

I haven’t seen it in anyone’s build. Seems like a great skill. Is it broken or …?

FYI: I just started TPS, so no spoilers, please. “Raids” or “end game” preferred over specifics, for the moment.

Thanks, all!

It is a great skill and I’ve always chosen it in my builds. But a lot of players simply view the Aspis as a defensive tool so dealing higher gun damage via Ephodos while the Aspis is up is a priority versus dealing greater direct damage with it either at the end of its duration or when you decide to throw it.

Ephodos is a much better skill for getting down the tree - an extra 35% damage on Aspis isn’t particularly good, while the gun damage is gonna be useful all the time as well as the extra move speed. Never underestimate the power of move speed.

Minor clarification: Ephodos is only active while the Aspis is up.

35% multiplier to the Aspis is pretty significant actually.

It’s good, but Aspis (especially when you absorb multiple elements) already does a TON of damage.

Furthermore, many people use Aspis as “oh s***” healing method and for stacking maelstrom, so the actual damage doesn’t of aspis throw doesn’t matter as much.

And not to mention, it has to compete with ephodos for the first tier of Phalanx tree, and ephodos is pretty darn good, synergizes very well with the shield playstyle and is good in pretty much all situations.

This really comes down to whether you choose to use the Aspis offensively or not. Saying that because it already deals a ton of damage doesn’t make the skill pointless. It’s another multiplier in the damage formula which just makes it even more potent when you throw it. So many opportunities to just throw the Aspis and clear a room rather than hold onto it while you shoot one enemy at a time.

@WoWz3rKoW Here’s the damage formula for it.

First, of all: Thanks guys/gals- all of you- for chiming in on this. I personally LOVE the Aspis, and like to have it up as much as possible. I use it for both offense and defense, and sometimes just for fun. I’m not a theorycrafter or gamebreaker, and am terrible at devising builds. That said, it seems to me a skill should be judged solely on its merits, and not where it lies in the skill tree. So- again- to me, having both Invictus and Ephodros just makes sense. I guess I’ll see as I progress.

Thanks again, everybody!

Well with 68 skills points, it’s quite easy to take both. It just comes down to what you choose to prioritize in the rest of your build and how you want to advance to the capstone.

Keep in mind, that you don’t have to put 5 5 points in both, on my athena build I usually have 3/4 points in invictus and 5 in ephados(the swing point goes in PfG when I’m playing co-op), it dosent have to be that way, I just value the movement speed very highly.