What's wrong with match making?

Match making is either broken or there’s not enough server capacity. Presently and slow over the last week it has taken longer and longer to find matches.

I now currently wait over 10 minutes for the game to just pair me with my teammates. Then usually an additional 5 or so for the second team.

Now you may want to blame my connections but I have clear connectivity reports for my connection. There are no latency spike or packet loss being preported. In fact my packet sniffers are showing that responses from the server are basically taking extremely long periods in excessive of 2500> ms.

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It strange, sometime i get that check your NAT alert, its says my NAT is open? Why connection issues?

Yeah I closely watch my NAT during this and it stays “Open” the entire time. In the upper right corner of the game it shows NAT Open 1.0.1 or something like that.

I have had this issue many times and the fix is always to reset the cache on the Xbox One. You can do this by unplugging the Xbox and pressing the power button a few times and plugging it back in, or by holding the power button when the Xbox is on for about 5-10 seconds and then let it hard shutdown.

I have been emailing 2K support on this issue and maybe it will get fixed in an update, but the best thing I can do to prevent it so far is backing out to the title screen before I shut down the game. My thought is that Gearbox logs your profile out of their servers when going to the title screen which changes a cache setting on your Xbox… but idk really.

This is what I’ve been having to do EVERYDAY! Today I’ve done it twice and it’s still not finding a match for me. Anytime I open the game and it says “Xbox live connection lost” I have to reset it. I shouldn’t be having to do this every time I turn on my Xbox to play the game.

Also, sometimes it’s quick and finds me a match ASAP when I reset it but today something is up because it’s not finding anything. :sob:

Do you have multiple xbox’s on the same network?

Experiencing this today. I think it may be Xbox Live related although a network test says all Xbox services are available? I wasn’t able to start any games for a while this morning. I am in BB now, but can’t seem to get any matches going at all. Did a full reset n all. Had no probs finding matches yesterday.

Quick update. Did a second XB1 reset, and now am able to find a match. Not sure what the problem was though.