What's wrong with my Redistributer?

I got this as a drop a few days ago, my first time really looking at it. I noticed that this is blue rarity. Aren’t Redistributors supposed to be legendary? How do I fix this?

I guess it’s a mission reward.

It’s a mission reward. Leg are from Wotan in the Takedown dlc.

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There are different versions? I had no idea

Sure is. I would love to get a leg during this event. The blue is given from Lilith later during the story line as a reward.

Interesting. Would a blue and orange version with the same level and parts have the same stats, or does the legendary version get a bit of a boost?

Haven’t really compared since all i have is a level 50 blue but i still haven’t acquired a leg yet. I fell in love with the blue so one of my goals was to get said leg. Maybe someone could chime in for help on this.

From what I have heard, yes, the legendary one has better base stats.

Now I’m wondering if the mission reward one has locked parts. I think I might have two of the same level - I’ll have to check.

I know i can’t say since my first was a low level, i liked it so much i made sure my next was a 50. Only one i have gotten.

Here’s two of the shock ones I have. Appears to have better stats. Damage, fire rate, and mag size.

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Oh wow, same here. Besides the base stat differences, is the gimmick the same?

Yes they operate the same.

The blue version has been out since the game released, story mission reward with Shock only for its element. Far as I’ve seen it works exactly the same, just the Legendary rolls with higher stats at the same levels and of course all the other elements. Plus you can farm it at level rather than have to go all the way back through the story again and hope you get an Anointed version.