Whats wrong with this ship?

I’m in the middle of getting HWU transferred to HWRM but the progenitor MS turned out like this

What the

Most of the normal look flipped. Normally when a textures doesn’t work it’d at LEAST come out all white sooooo yeah.

honestly it looks like some of the LOD isn’t being displayed right, also what is the texture size you have to have textures for them to show up.

Yeah, LW, when you spoke of missing LOD’s last night I didn’t think into it any further, but Xercodo is probably right, since there are tons of random triangles that just so happen to be visible; I doubt if your goblins have such random triangles, so I would say the majority of the mesh must be inside-out.

Also it seems like your texture sizes can’t be wrong because the textures appear on all the parts of the mesh that are visible. I thought I remember hearing that HWR had a very generous range of texture sizes it understood; possibly anything with dimensions divisible by 2, but someone more knowledgeable is more than welcome to correct me on that!

I redid the mesh sizes and it looks like LOD 0 was messed up for RM somehow.


Question! Does anyone know what needs to be done to fix the Ship icons? Thes I’m using are all squeezed to death and what not.

What does squeezed to death look like?

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I always liked that race in Universe, very well designed Progenitors. Can’t wait to see Remastered unless these problems happen with a lot of ships.

I’ve had the same issue with RODOH, I have sent some samples to bitvenom to look at. (I suggest you do the same for this hod/dae output) It appears that the original hods had either corrupted geometry or had some weird ordering of vertices on faces. When you inspect the DAE output of RODOH and show vertices, all of the vertices are there, but the faces themselves are missing. It isn’t an issue of flipped normals, it looks like the DAE actually doesn’t pair the verts together to create the faces. This is extra confusing for me since the Warlords ships were done with the RDN maya tools without exception, so they should be exported as close to correctly as possible in the original HODs.

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