What's wrong with wotan loot?

What is up with wotans exclusive loot?? I have been farming wotan for a redistributer for 2 or so months now and he has yet to drop it 1 time or anything besides an occasional moon shot… in the time that mayham 2.0 has released i have killed him 50+ times and out of 10-15 legendary drops a kill, 5 of then will be cosmic crater artifacts a couple monicals a shield and a devoted smg… the same loot every time,none of which is useful at all.
Now this is not so much of a problem for computer players seeing as they can copy and save game files to get loot they want or need but for us console players it really drains the fun out of the game when you kill a boss 100000 times and cant get 1 drop. Much less get one with a useful annoint .

Are you playing on M10? Cartel on or off? I’ve had 5 drop from him in around 40 clears on M10 with Cartel on.

Yeah, Wotan hasn’t been dropping a whole lot for me either. M10, Cartel. Got a Kyb’s Worth that sucked and a Moonshot. No Redistributor. Everything else was junk. Kept thinking one more time until I said forget it.

The takedown is really the only current end game content and the drops are utterly broken. They have been for awhile now ever since the MT event ended. I’ve given up on it until something is fixed. I’d still love an on level Redistributor for mobbing but oh well…

I have ran it both. I play m10 exclusively and 90% of the time with cartel on but i tried it with cartel off a few times to see if that would help and still nothing

Thats how i felt 20 runs ago lol but i keep thinking ok all these runs it has to drop this time. Ive gotte. Really proficient at running it but word of caution running it with amaras ricochet witch build ive found that if i use my 500% elem explosion on crit annoint on my recursion it will blow mobs in to the air and off the map and when you get to the final door befor wotan it will not open because the mob that flew out of the map will not be counted as being killed

Also just a heads up, the lot that drops from his legs doesn’t scale to mm10.

lol that will happen with recursion.Slaughter Shaft some can get stuck too. Usually backpedaling will fix the “immortal” lingering maliwan troop on takedown. Hope it helps