Whats wrong with you, MAN?

Is it just my opinion or in this game is literally no normal cisgender man’s? Look - it’s idiotic bandit lord, cowardly and clunky corp. leader, gay with broken glasses, gay with funky hair,
dumb and limited teen-sponger. Oh, yes. Dirty and vulgar “failfather”.
Is it so hard NOT overload game with SJW attributes? In game full of testosterone and explosions - I want more, like, mans with balls, if still you know what I mean.
Or maybe I’m all wrong ?
Whats your opinion ?


What were you expecting? Isn’t Mr Torgue a parody of all that stuff? In many ways, borderlands is a parody of games, I think…

And isn’t ‘not being normal’ normal for borderlands?

Maybe you should play something else if you want displays of hyper-masculinity, or something. Even if you just want ‘normal’, whatever that means, wouldn’t it be dull? In fact, what is your definition of 'normal?

And you do know that the term ‘SJW’ is almost entirely meaningless, right? (I’m a Social Justice Druid, btw)


Good, SJD.
As I understand it, it’s normal to be gay in this NOT NORMAL world right now.
And - a strong, independent woman who saves the entire universe.
Maybe enough of this crap already? Maybe games are not a scene for some fashionable statements, but just games? How many gay and strong, independent women play this game in percentage terms - this is interesting subj for investigation, by the way …


I don’t… understand your point here. Lilith and Roland were together, and Lilith still had/has a massive thing for him, so she’s, at the very least not gay. She’s also a Siren, which means she has untold amounts of alien power coursing through her, which she can amplify with Eridium, but spends the vast majority of the game without any powers, and taking a backseat for her role as commander. The only gay characters I know of, and can currently remember, is Sir Hammerlock, and Janey Springs, the last one not even showing up in this game.

You’re just making assumptions on people’s sexuality based on their appearances, from what it sounds like to me, and that’s just largely uncalled for, it that’s true. If not, then I apologize, but I hope you can understand where I got that idea from.


It`s not about being or NOT being gay. It’s really hurts me, that Sir Hammerlock - pattern of scholar, hunter and gentleman - all the sudden is, but lets just skip it. I speaking about man, wich NOT an idiot OR gay. Is it so hard to place one of him in this freaking game? Salvador, Aston, Roland, Handsome Jack, general Nox, even Kreig and old Sir Alister Hammerlock … This characters was interesting. They had inner flame, they had stile, they had own personal charisma. And yes - they had balls. And what now? Whom will you remember after end final credits is over ?
Only strong and independent Lilith who sacrifice her life for “freedom and justice and all crap” and Maya, who was killed by the scenarist stupidity.
THAT’S a problem I wish to discuss. And a tonnes of strong and independent woman in this “Borderlands:pre-sequel 2”.

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Hammerlock was never straight. If you play BL2 as Gaige, then she’ll be constantly going on about how she wants to get with him, and how ‘If he ever switches teams, she’ll be all over that.’ I’m sorry if you assumed he was a straight man in the second game, but that was never the case.

Rhys is straight, as he has a major thing for Sasha, or at least is bi. I haven’t played Zane yet, but he might be too. Markus might be as well, though I don’t really know about that. Then there’s Clay the gunslinger who might be, Vaughn who could very easily be. If you don’t remember, or think about any of these characters after the credits because you got yourself so heavily wound up about women being in the game, then I think I have to say that’s on you.

And what’s wrong with a game having women in it, who have different personalities? Game 1’s player characters had three dudes and one girl, game two had a total of three-four dudes and two ladies (Depending on how you want to classify Zer0), the Pre-Sequel had three dudes and three ladies. This game having good female characters, that had, for the most part, already been established in previous games/media, is fine. Maybe all the other characters not yet seen will show up in the DLC that’s coming.


Okay, to answer your question:

Yes, it’s just your opinion. Go play something else? I’m fairly sure other games exist that meet your criteria for normal.

Also: if you can’t handle strong female characters, never watch the Aliens films…

Edit: for accuracy.


Typhon exists.
Look, I was a little cynical at first. A coworker asked me why Scooter had been killed off, and while I normally hate discussing politics, I couldn’t help thinking it was because he’s a straight, white, cis male. With him out of the way, Ellie gets the spotlight. Which I’m ambivalent about, because I like both characters.
That being said, I think Borderlands does a good job of inclusivity overall without going full blown SJW. Yes, there are a surprisingly high number of gay or bi characters. They aren’t usually in your face about it, with the exception of Hammerlock and Janie Springs, it’s just kind of there. But it’s largely irrelevant and not really done for brownie points, either.

I had one of those moments where I formed a complete thought in my head, but forgot people aren’t psychic and I didn’t type it down. When I meant “in your face with their (Hammerlock’s) sexuality”, I was referring to BL2. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, ‘An old boyfriend of mine…’ :stuck_out_tongue: That being said, his sexuality actually is a plot point later on, and he and Wainswright are adorable and probably the most stable relationship on Pandora.

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Mikey got too ill to voice him, I believe. I think he was involved with telltale games and wrote himself out (not sure on this, anyone able to confirm it or not?).

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Zane’s pretty badass. Brick rules, as always, even if his role in this one is relatively minor.

I agree that the game’s efforts to promote inclusivity can cross into cringe territory at times, just because they’re so heavy-handed, but it’s been apparent since BL2 that this was the way the series was going. TPS more than confirmed it in the opening minutes with Janey “By the way have I mentioned I like girls in the past five minutes?” Springs.

It is what it is. I don’t especially relate to it, and the cloying sentimentality of it all makes me gag at times, but it’s Borderlands. I haven’t liked the story since the first game anyway, so it’s just one more thing to shrug off on my way to piles of loot.

Wait, it’s an issue that Borderlands supports inclusivity?

Torgue and Hammerlock are both gay. Axton, Gaige and Moxxi all are Bi. Tina is Bi curious. Ellie, Lilith and Maya are all strong female badasses.

And there’s still plenty of room for straight, cis male, testosterone fueled, cro-magnon, alpha-male shenanigans.

Also, plenty of racial inclusivity.

This is a bad thing? What’s the complaint again?



Also, claiming to want more “man with balls, stuff” makes you sound pretty gay yourself.

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Zane is apparently pansexual.

Moze and Amara are straight, as far as I know.

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You haven’t liked the story since the first one? The first one barely even had a story. It was the very definition of barebones. Half the time the characters didn’t have voice-acting.

I liked it because it was bare bones. Pandora was a wasteland, the Vault was held to be a myth, you played a mercenary. You had the chance to learn some background about what happened to Pandora, why Dahl abandoned it, and who still lived there.

NPCs didn’t constantly monologue at you, you weren’t expected to emotionally invest in this or that character’s struggles with their identity or coming of age. The planet was filled with crazy, violent hermits, most of whom had no particular attachment to your character beyond seeing them as a useful tool.

That’s a nice wasteland story right there. While I don’t mind the franchise’s focus on inclusivity as a philosophical issue – I’m bi myself – I miss characters like TK Baha. I miss the tone of weird, gritty survival. Most of the emotional stuff falls flat with me.

I’m a sucker for scrappy misfits sticking together through extreme adversity, so there were a couple moments in BL3’s story that felt nice, but honestly my biggest feeling was that of disappointment when Aurelia kicked the bucket. She’s such a delightful antagonist.

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I have no idea what you are going on about really.

Mordecai is straight as is Typhon. Claptrap and Rhys I believe are straight, as is Brick. Marcus is also straight. There is the dude on Eden 6, can’t think of his name but he workd for the Jacobs family. Nothing he did struck me as gay or bi.

You know, I didn’t catch it at first but there is a lack of the old y chromosome in the crimson raiders leadership. All the guys were killed.






Don’t hate, my main man is always looking out for trail of the female variety. Lol

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No hate!

It’s true!

I was just being silly!


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Makes sense. I didn’t play Tales so I don’t know how he actually died in game, but that would have been my second guess.

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