What's your best PvP kill Spree?

There may have been a post before but I haven’t seen it and I’m curious about how crazy some people’s streaks can be!

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Best K/D, or highest number of kills in a match? If it’s the former, 17/0 with PRE-BUFF Benedict on Outback. If it’s the latter, i honestly don’t remember… We’ll say i killed everyone and didn’t die. Wait… Then who posted this?!

Grabs shotgun off of wall, loads magazine, and racks the bolt home.


I think my longest was 13 with Rath…I’m a terrible rath though. Got matched against lesser opponents and the completionist in me needed worthy of song.

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Well I was pendles, the other team was squishies, in the early game I played it safe saw a skirmish would pick out some one and kill them, late game happened and I got crazy see someone low on health, dead, see healer, dead, miasma activated and I got a double assassination and then some, got all the way to an 18 kill streak in a very close game

Hmm… I have broken 30 kills in a match before… I also went I think… 22 and 0 with el dragon in one match… Pretty proud of that 0 part

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I went 40-0 as Thorn in a round of Incursion.

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Nice I had a 40-1 with toby on overgrowth, my streak was 40 then I died

28 only. I usually play supportively

-drops mic- …


Crazy what you guys can pull off! Kudos! :heart:
@chrisypon this is the most crazy killcount I saw so far! :scream:

(PS: If anyone on XB1 wondered why I don´t join partys, its because I don´t want to be horrible in front of you. My inner Toby is just shouting “SORRY!” all time…)


Hey that’s more than two! Also more than one but that seems obvious. (If you think about it a lot of the best people in the game would flock here and you don’t have many hours so that’s actually not bad)

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Only 15, but I very rarely chase kills so it’s pretty much like 15 enemies dived too deep to mess with my minion killing.

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40-0 with Caldarius.


my highest endscore was a 29:4 with shane a few months ago, my longest killstreak is 19, with Reyna

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My highest streak is 28 I want to say. Most kills in a game is past 30 I know. I’ve played so much Battleborn, I’ve stopped keeping track really

deeewwwwdddd… what platform are you on?

30 with Phoebe. It was 4v5 but the other guys were all around CR 50 I believe.

27-0 Pendles. Twas a 3v5. Our Benedict wasn’t so good, the other guy was playing Alani. So it makes sense I got most of the kills. It was a Meltdown match sadly, even though we tried we didn’t win.

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I have 32-0 on both Caldy and Melka.

30 with Ghalt

27 with Pendles

25 with Gali, Phoebe

As I got more efficient at winning games the kill streaks leveled out at around 12-16 because the games don’t last long enough.

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I usually play support, so not that high till like last week. Now it’s 13, with mellka of course :stuck_out_tongue:

12, but I generally play supports and don’t chase after kills.