What's your best PvP kill Spree?

Back in June, when the game was only a month old, I got a killing spree of 31. I was Rath and was going for WoS and my buddy was Miko going for Right Behind You. It was a competitive meltdown match and before most people, myself included, knew what we were doing.

My favorite one was when I was a Miko with a bunch of new players going against a team of CR 100s and I went 23-0-10. I also made a point to taunt every kill so they kept coming after me. They just never figured out I was playing Miko as a melee character so I wasn’t afraid of getting into it.

More recently, they all seem to be with Gali or Mellka, but I can usually only get up to about 15 before the match ends with a surrender or it was a pub stomp.

21 with Galilea. Obtained in face-off where she tends to turn matches into meat grinders.

@lolattheseforums did you purposely not get that last kill? Your were so close to carrying a coopetition there you could have justified getting it tattooed on your back.

31 with Bene.

Problem with the kill streaks is… You need to play vs a very noob team + you need them not to surrender + you need to be in a team with more supporting players than killers + you need luck, because if you play with good players they can steal-kill those low hp enemies ^^

I usually play too aggressive at the start and die once or twice and my streaks are not that big overall because of that. ^^


Yeah, my problem is that i often overextend trying to be a hero, or finish off that last enemy Battleborn, so we can get some uncontested time to push. I keep thinking “this time will be different”, and never learn my lesson, haha.


I fought you last night actually.

I didn’t even notice until weeks later.

Yeah, the game where we had and Oscar Mike and a Whiskey Foxtrot on our team that did nothing but feed the enemy team. Good times.

19 for 0 as Thorn, pre-nerf. It was Meltdown though, and I had something like 117 minion kills by the end of it. More recently I’ve hit 17 as Ernest, but still not quite as good.

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18 with phoebe. it was when i first started out and got me hooked on her

Same here but on PS4. Also my horrible English. It is for these two reasons that I am not so active in the community.

On topic, 11 with Galilea When a friend was teaching me to play with her.

My highest was 24-0 as Galilea. It was 4 v 5 and I was the only one on my team over level 10. We still won :slight_smile:

Hmm… What i have noticed is that a character I played for awhile at some point has a double digit kill streak as my best… Even Miko I think hit 12 as my best streak with him…

Thank You, this was a while back maybe 2-3 months already lol and by killcount do you mean the 40 or the amount of kills I have with toby?

Was this when I was trying out Thorn? Yeah your OM and Whiskey were trash.

lolattheseforums, do you want to 1v1 Caldarius some time? Caldarius mirror matches are super fun but rare

Yeah suure. When do you want to do it?

Oh, I’ll spectate.

Dunno, like later like week? Wed, Thurs, Fri?

I’ll add you (and Blaine I guess) on PSN and we’ll work it out from there and just see when we’re both on and feeling in the mood.

You’re already on my friends list. That’s why I remembered your name.

yeah cool, I recognised your name but didn’t know if I had you as a friend already

Ok then. Just add me when you can.