What's your best PvP kill Spree?

21 with Galilea. Obtained in face-off where she tends to turn matches into meat grinders.

Most of my longest streaks come from Face-off, and they’d be way higher if we didn’t show mercy and eventually deposit.

Highest atm is 19 streak with Phoebe but there was still 5 mins left lol. I’ve gotten 18 and 17 with multiple characters there too.

What i have noticed is that a character I played for awhile at some point has a double digit kill streak as my best… Even Miko I think hit 12 as my best streak with him…

I’m the same. I don’t have the crazy 40 killstreaks on anyone but almost all of my toons have a 10-15 minimum at this point.

My problem is usually getting to 16-0 then getting cocky and going for 5v1s XD.

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34-0 With Whiskey before the swiss cheese buff
34-0 with Boldur. almost hit 35, but match ended right before the kill.


Some nice kill sprees with some rather odd characters to have such a spree on, quite impressive mate

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My best game so far is 29-0 with Deande.


19-0 with Pendles when I was doing his lore. I’m more of a reserved player and like to support others so I typically don’t get high kill counts but usually a good amount of Assists

But with Pendles I was doing that “Injection kill” Lore and it forced me to play aggressively. I’ve had more kills with other players (sadly still low number though. like 24 kills but a lot of deaths so it doesn’t count) but this was the only one where I didn’t die

It was against a very n00b team but since lore is PVP only I didn’t feel bad at all. It was a team of 4 squishy characters and Boldur. They kept running at like 5% health to their health station where I was waiting LOL

Eventually I did finish his lore and was happy I was done with Pendles. I don’t know why but it makes me feel guilty when I kill with Pendles. It feels cheap and I don’t like to hurt the other players feelings

Well to be fair, he’s suppose to be an opportunistic assassin and he’s not very strong either so there’s no reason to feel cheap about it and even less about hurting other players feelings.

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