Whats your BIGGEST mistake you've made in BL:TPS!

Hi everyone its me again Hazlett34, i’ve posted this similar thread on the old forums for Borderlands 2 and im interesting to see what mistake you’ve made on TPS :slight_smile:

Driving the moonbuggy off the same cliff… twice in a row.

Grenade jumping and forgetting to re-equip the mod… then getting killed by a badass.

Also, in before someone says " I bought the game."

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The 4 of us were going to do the Lunestalker race. I boast over the mic that I was going to kick their butts. The go signal goes off and we peel off. I hit the nitro on the bridge and… spin out and fall into the lava river area. We were stuck here… http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=332555023 Team Athena cheated cough

@KrewlraiN When I saw “cowmakermx,” I thought it said “cowmerax”…

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Ouch lol if that happened to me i’ll cry in fear, jk :slight_smile:

Oh there is another one… the tricky Reaper in the Holodome… That dink got stuck in midair. I am all OoooOOoooo and take some screenshots. Well, ITS A TRAP! It jumped down, I kill it but its stupid tron disc puts me into FFYL right after… nothing around for a second wind T_T

Photo of said dink! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374392171

Everyone was laughing xD. I was laughing too hard, ran out of breath xD

Like many people, I burned off a pretty big sum of moonstones in chests (where I would rather have gone shopping at Earl’s) before I realized what was happening.

I spent 25 Golden Keys in a row to get a good sniper and in the gun vendor, a cryo longnail for sale. WHYYYY? AND YE!

raising shield recharge delay in the Bad Ass Ranks.

And recoild reduction.

Every moonbuggy suicide off the map.

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The Season Pass.

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I spent 150 moonstones on the bugged 34-36 backpack SDU, then after seeing it go away, I spent another 200 moonstones on the last SDU hoping everything would be fixed. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Expecting it to be as fun as its predecessors lol.

Also, buggy jumps.

Moonbuggies really tick me off. The jumps are always made so tight, so if you mess up even a tiny bit, you’re going down into the lava. It’s very annoying. Lost a bunch of cash just by dying like that in co-op.

Killing the Invincible Sentinel in TVHM while getting into FFYL at the very same time… with no enemies to shoot in the end to get out of it. Good thing I can still enter his room even after he dies though.

What’s wrong with each of those? Recharge Delay because of roid shields? Recoil Reduction because of Hyperion weapons? Just wondering if it’s because of those specific cases or maybe they both have the opposite intended effect.

This has probably happened to most of us. There’s some sort of detonation when he dies, and all the minions die with him. If you’re weak, and maybe with a corrosive DoT on you, you will go down, with absolutely nothing to get you back up. Really, an unfair and anticlimactic end to the fight.


More health or shields doesn’t do nearly as much for you as higher gun damage or fire rate. Strong enemies will strip you of it in a few shots regardless. It’s much better to concentrate on regaining health and shields through whatever buffs are available to your class than to dump points into ineffective tanking. Those BAR points are best spent on a stronger offense.

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Indeed. Roid shields and hyperion guns. I stopped recharge relay at 4% and recoil at 8%, so hopefully that won’t be too bad for now.

Ha! I totally misread the earlier posts. Must have been a lack of coffee. Rough night.

As far as the Sentinel’s concerned, well that makes sense. Kinda cheap if you ask me, but I just need to be more careful around him I guess.