Whats your BIGGEST mistake you've made in BL:TPS!

Those are mistakes? Oh, no!

edit – didn’t see the followup discussion; at least, since I don’t use roid shields/melee it’s not so bad. I pick gun damage first, though, if it’s offered.

My biggest mistake – times I plod on, dying over-and-over when I’m clearly underleveled.

Any time I shoot the Sentinel’s first form more than once while he’s doing his reflection thing I feel like an idiot haha

Oh, he can whirl all he wants when eating AoE grenades, or tediore reloads or flaks or beam lasers. Then again, that time he reflected motherf*ing rockets back at me… dang, ouch.

Anyone ever driven the moonbuggy into a pit while a buddy was in the turret and another was being pushed by the car?

Cool… just want to make sure there wasn’t some other weird behavior I wasn’t aware of. My favorite recoil reduction was BL2 + Sal + Steady As She Goes + Hyperion Shotguns. I was new to Borderlands and never noticed the issue until weeks later… lol.

gettin 999 maelstrom, unrelenting, elemental barrage, killing the crap out of the invincible sentinel with the nukem and forgetting to use the aspis.

It may seem like a mistake but honestly shooting 30 Nukem rockets for free in like 10 seconds is ridiculously satisfying haha

Trying to get the D (haaaaah) to fight Nel. I hate doing so, I’m terrible at it, and the fight was only ever worth the effort once. And yet, every now and then I still try and do so.

That, and one night I spent about 2 hours stacking Money is Power to repeatedly destroy the Invincible Sentinel. Problem is, my computer gets a large lag spike every time someone joins my game. Sentinel knocks me down, someone joins, I lose a good 4 seconds of FFYL and my guns for getting second winds needed to be reloaded. Bye bye 600 stacks.

Me too! Sad part is, I think I’ve done that about 5 times now.

My biggest mistake was playing the crap out of the game and not pacing myself until I got burned out a few weeks ago. I stopped playing for three weeks and now that I’ve slowly started playing again I’m enjoying it much more.

I am sure it is really a glitch, and by no means me, but Nisha (and Zero) really seem to enjoy jumping off cliffs… :confused:

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Running off on missions and forgetting to pickup the item from the mission giver.

I hate that! The game should not require we have to grab some item that is setting by the mission giver. Just put in our inventory … some missions do this already.

Then it can be my fault when I am doing missions quickly and realize I am working of the 2nd part of a multiple part mission and never did the first part.

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Spawning Nel and his minions when I was at level 6 or 7. They were like level 30. I had to save and quit because they were too close to the New U station, and I would die as soon as I respawned. lol

hahahahaha… I just wanted to see if someone already posted the “I bought the game.” joke.


season pass, since now I can play in on xbox one

Disagree about the health and shields buff. While it’s tedious building them up, it can be a great addition of you focus on getting as high of health/shields as possible. In BL2, my max health was boosted by 50% from BAR alone. Toss in an adaptive shield, the right class mod, and a relic, and Krieg would cheer at how much of a meat bicycle you were.

It may not mean as much if you haven’t played BL2 in awhile, but with the setup described above a lvl 72 Krieg would have 7.3 million health.

That’s ■■■■■■■ awesome. Is that with Legendary Psycho and 10/5 in Feed the Meat?

Buffing shields and health in this game isn’t as bad as previous BLs, but it’s still a little bit of an issue (especially health). Mostly, any life steal (Moxxi weapons, transfusion grenades) give a percentage of damage dealt. This means getting above the magical 50% (or whatever) to proc health gating is a little more difficult if your max health is boosted. At least all the skills that regenerate health are % based off of kill (or whatever) and not damage, so there’s some use. Also, besides bosses, not every common enemy can one shot you to health gating or FFYL like BL2 UVHM.

Yes, and a rough rider. And I think I just used a purple health relic as one of the ancient relics’ boost was lower.

Health gating? That’s ■■■■■ ■■■■.

I’ve done that too…My wife, and friend of ours, and I wanted to see what Nel would drop, so we insulted him…at level 15ish? Talk about a bad idea…