Whats your fav grenade so far?

Depending on the ch u are playing this probly effects the grenade u use.But was just wondering what every one love to use because of the diff effects that come with them?

I have to say my fav so far is Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair legendary grenade with the red text Prepare for trouble, and make it double(pokemon teamrocket motto and matches there hair color) Thows two grenades at once, one as incendiary and one as shock.bounces 5 times each on each bounce doing damage around there they hit.

But i found this grenade to be really fun on fl4k large amounts of mobs or in smaller rooms where the bounce could really go wild was fun.

So what are u guys useing and what makes it stand out for u?

Recurring hex with radiation

Stormfront or Epicenter at the moment. Although I do love throwing 10 quasars at badasses and watch them be flung all over the place

All answers will swiftly be nerfed on Wednesday, enjoy the game folks :wink:

There are a few good ones, I’m enjoying the rain effect coupled with bounce. Tried a couple of artilleries but nothing to write on hear about.

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I found a level 20 Atlas tracker grenade that had Divider (x2?) and MIRV. All of the spawned grenades would home and it could stagger an enemy for a good 3 seconds. I haven’t sold it since I’ve max’d the character. I’ll be searching for a level 50 version.

I can’t remember what it’s called atm.
It’s a incendiary gernade, legendary which shoots balls identical to one of Troy’s attacks in every direction.

Sounds epic, I guess it’s one of his drops

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That sounds like the aforementioned Epicenter. I enjoyed the one I found for awhile. I’d like to get a max level one. I haven’t used many other legendary grenades.

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