What's your favorite Borderlands Theme Song?

Out of all the games so far what is your favorite song? Me personally be always borderlands 1 Cage The Elephant - Ain’t no rest for the Wicked.

I’d have to go with Short Change Hero, which I believe is from BL2.


I’m stuck with this one xD

  1. Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked (BL1)
  2. Black Dragon (TPS)

Short Change Hero does not get a rank because I don’t like the song. To me it sounds like a mix of soft rock and lame white-boy funk.

Really? No rest For The Wicked sounds a lot more “white boy” imo. Still love the song, but I prefer Short Change Hero for the soulful vocals and excellent melody. shrug everyone’s got their own opinions.

That’s 'cause they’re from Kentucky :P.

Pfft. Who needs melody?


Damnit. I was about to replace the link with this xD

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Person ally my favorite is ain’t no rest for the wicked, but I guess that’s because I knew the song before hand and I liked it but… I mainly listen to metal which is the weird part, along with dub step


No Rest For The Wicked.

That song will always be a classic to this entire franchise in my opinion.

Short Change Hero I actually hated at first. But its grown on me alot in terms of having that Borderlandsy feel I thought it lacked at first.
But there’s no competition when paired against No Rest For The Wicked.


Short Change Hero

It was the first introduction to the game, intro’ed the characters, intro’ed the world (I jumped in on part 2).

It’s just a perfect dynamic for the world: off pace with what you see and think is going on… but shows off how smooth and almost careless the vault hunters are when fighting the “formidable foes” Jack sent after them.

I mean, come on, they tore that train apart. If it wasn’t booby trapped, they would have derailed it from beating Jack’s minions against the sides.

Hands down.


Short Change Hero. The song and that opening scene are the things that actually made me get off my ass and finally play the game (I did play BL1 before jumping into BL2, though). I like how it relates to the game’s themes and I love how unusual in style it is as a theme song for a game such as this. Makes the whole opening seem very much like a movie. I love the song by itself as well. There’s a longer intro in the album version that sounds very much like spaghetti western music. I love it. The Heavy was a great musical find for me. I love “How You Like Me Now” as well and I was glad to see their music return in the Pre-Sequel, with “What Makes a Good Man”. I like the other songs in the series too, but Borderlands and The Heavy are always going to be linked to each other in my mind. I just think the style of the games and the style of the band’s music work perfectly together.


Self Esteem, by the Offspring. What? It’s not a Borderlands theme song? It is the way I play it…


I’ve loved Short Change Hero (And the Heavy in general) since I first watched the opening credits to BL2, so of the main themes that is definitely my favourite. But I do still get that tingling sensation hearing 'What makes a good man" at the end of TPS.

I’d guess for a lot of people it will be the song the theme to their first BL game.

I am probably one of the few people that doesn’t really have a preference. I played BL1 first, then BL2, and both intro songs work for me. I liked No rest for the wicked before I played the game, so it was something familiar. I didn’t hear Short change hero before playing BL2, but liked how it went along with the intro animation.

I prefer Short Change Hero, but I wasn’t very impressed with the other one even before I started playing BL 1. I don’t remember how TPS’s goes, so that should say all that needs to be said about that one. :dukecensor:

No Rest. It just goes so well with the game, plus its an incredible song. It beats the hell out of “mainstream” by about 4 miles.

I loved that reference by Lilith as well, that gave me the good shivers.

Black Dragon. I never liked the song used in BL1, and the one used in 2 is okay-ish, not bad but not outstanding either.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone jumps forward and says ‘heresy!’ or something, since BL1 got me into the series.

Still think that the Kongos Come With Me Now from the TPS trailer should have been the theme to TPS

Hey Kiity Jo been along time see still as active as ever on here. Been away from the forums for awhile, took a lil getting use to but definitely enjoying this new look. But yeah Ain’t Rest for the Wicked just set the bar for the theme of Borderlands.