Whats your favorite faction

Im new to these forums n I’ve been seeing alot of negative things being said so I thought id create a topic about something a lil more positive lol bc this is an amazing game n if ppl who are tryin to figure out if they want this game come here right now it might scare them off which is not what this game needs…sooo what’s your favorite faction in this game mines the rogues I main reyna and I have a lot of fun playing with the rest of them. IMO they are the most well developed characters in the game


Based on the character selections of mine at the moment. I’d go for Jennerit and Eldrid.

I’ve mastered both Deande and Thorn. I love em! And now I’m working on Boldur. I’ve started to get good with him :3 He was the first Melee that I was really interested in

Sadly none :smiley:
I like many character but no “faction” in general.
But I really love the red pixel effects from jenerits, like rath’s walking electricity or caldarius’s shots.

By the way, rogue looks to me like the “we’ve a character from each other faction in our own” faction.

I like every faction besides the UPR but I think I like the Rogues the most. They all look like straight out of a Mad Max movie, I just love their designs, stories and everything about them. I like the Jennerit because I like that sort of edge design thing e.g. the shadows of Deande when she does her ult. I like the whole backstory about the Eldrid, that they’re trying to preserve the nature and I like the LLC just because of their hilarious characters, oh I love 'em.

A mix really, Master of Mike and Master of Deande but have maxed out Thorn and Alani also.


Rogues, definitely. After that I’d say the Eldrid.
Jennerit, LLC and UPR are pretty even, though every faction has characters I really enjoy!

Rogues are definitely my favorite faction. after that I would say LLC and then UPR

It has to be the Rogues, I think. They remind me of the best sorts of anarchism and I dig them for that. Not only that, but Reyna is sort of a momma bear to monsters; She’s civilising them, and providing them with a place where they can really belong. And that’s very important. Plus, it’s a fun escapist fantasy, one of absolute freedom.

They just represent a romantic view of anarchism that not many people understand, where you’re free to do whatever you want, but that freedom ends at another person’s right to not suffer. And they figure out how to manage that between themselves, with Reyna seeming to be a pretty good badass diplomat. They’re also revitalised by being in such a place, after having been oppressed for so long in various ways. It’s a thing that could never really exist in reality due to human nature, but it’s always a fun fantasy.

And it also deals with the notion that just because something looks monstrous, that doesn’t automatically imply evil. There’s a certain bigotry in a lot of games with that – what with all the beautiful hero people whose prey’s only crime is being coloured and/or disfigured – caters to a bizarre kind of xenophobic bigotry. I’ve found that as forms of prejudice – such as racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, and so on – are becoming less and less permissable in our world, racism is growing and becoming more prominent in fantasy worlds.

It’s almost as though bigoted people play certain games because they know those games won’t shame them by picking on people whose only crimes are having different skin colours, looking disfigured, or what have you. There’s a certain unsettling Aryan element to it that bohters me. It gets under my skin and I think it’s really skeevy.

And and and and Reyna is a body positive woman. That too.

For all of these reasons, I’m glad the Rogues exist. They’re by far my favourite faction. Though I will admit that the Peacekeepers are a close-ish second. Ghalt’s crew has gone rogue, which is amusing to me. The first thought is ‘why didn’t the join the Rogues?’ They wouldn’t have fit in. Ghalt and co is more orderly and they want a more structured peace. The Peacekeepers and the Rogues are on almost the same page, but there would still be a struggle between order and chaos.

Ghalt would want a command structure with a rulling body to help deal with criminal activity and provide peace of mind for those less able to fend for themselves. So that the weak always have someone to turn to if they feel like they’re being exploited, which protects everyone. Ideally speaking, of course.

Reyna would understand that fascism and oppression exists in structures like those and that’s what gives power to prejudice and bigotry, her view of things is that it’s better to spread the power between all the people, similar to a neighbourhood watch where the watchers watch one another.

So that’s why they aren’t the same faction, and that distinction is fascinating to me. I’ve already talked before about why I love the characters, so I won’t go into too much more than that. But yes, ultimately it’s the Rogues followed by the UPR. I feel that both have the best of intentions for what remains of the Universe, it’s just that their methods would be different.

The Eldrid are a distant third as the care about abstracts more than people, so there are those who could fall between the cracks in how the Eldrid perceive reality. And if a group of people have to suffer to protect the natural order, I’m not sure how that would play out with them. Going by some of the lore, I do question their commitment to ethical behaviour. And some of them are most certainly more ethical than others.

The LLC I don’t really like much at all. I’m fond of ISIC though because he’s a little s… probably still can’t say that. And I support his desire to discover if reality is indeed simulated, and if it is, to crash it. I can get behind that. ISIC’s the only one of them though that I have a soft spot for.

Annnd… I completely forgot the Jennerit even exist, which sums them up. Poor Jens. Sorry Jennerit fans. Not that I don’t like their characters (I dig Ambra, Rath, and Caldarius), but I just don’t really know much about them from a lore perspective. Nor do I really understand their ideals or raison d’etre.

Edit: Also, I’m going to add in that my partner also likes the Rogues best. She’s a fan of the romantic view of pirates angle. It reminds her of Skies of Arcadia. This is all true, and I forgot to mention this myself, so… editing it in!


Thanks for the replies guys just wanted to get a topic goin that wasn’t about something negative lol n its always interesting to get other peoples opinions on the games characters they are all well developed characters with good lore (if you don’t mind grinding a bit)

Nice topic feels good to just talk about the game without using bandages or a sludgehammer.

With that said I have to shamefully admit UPR though they are imo probably the silliest and maybe dumbest of all the factions. I really like the personality of all of them except galil i haven’t touched her at all and I wish she was LLC traded for ISIC.

My close second is definitely the rogues Reyna is interesting shayne and toby are cute, whiskey is mysterious but tends to be disappointing when getting to know his lore. And orendi… just too much to say about that crazy character haha.( sidenote Deande says some pretty horrible things to orendi if you play as deande and kill orendi D:)


L.L.C. because of Marquis’s and Isic’s dialog.

Marquis: “Stick that in your hobo bindle!”

Isic: “Still alive as-BEEEP-oles!”

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I meant to comment on this, but I forgot!

[quote=“trichouette, post:3, topic:1484485”]
By the way, rogue looks to me like the “we’ve a character from each other faction in our own” faction.[/quote]

Well, yes, naturally that’s going to happen but I feel at the same time it’s an oversimplification and a misunderstanding of what the Rogues actually are.

The Rogues are something of a family, a home for outcasts, misfits, and people who simply have no place else they can go. It’s why Reyna serves the role of momma bear so much, they really need her, she provides solidity and stability. She’s the heart of the movement, and the only one who really cared that all these people really had a home to begin with.

Take Shayne & Aurox, for example. Troubled kid wandering around with a fire elemental (Djinn). Who would really take her in? In most cases anyone who might would deepen her issues. They might try and separate her and Aurox, for example, as it’s not ‘normal’ and the bond the two share isn’t easily seen. (I’m genuinely amused by how tsundere Aurox is despite obviously caring about Shayne.)

Some of the characters are obviously fleeing from another faction, yes, because they just couldn’t fit in with those that were supposedly like them. Others, however, would certainly never have had a place in any other faction anyway.

Orendi’s another example. She’s not Eldrid, she’s certainly not UPR or Jennerit. She’s very much just her own thing. She’s this crazy, seemingly monstrous girl that few people could ever really get close enough to. Yeah, Reyna managed it, but that’s because that’s what Reyna does.

One of the lore challenges of Shayne & Aurox is to play alongside Reyna for five matches. It’s called ‘Mentor of Monsters.’

And that sums up the Rogues. Misfits, outcasts, and even monsters to the eyes of the other factions. People who – even if they are good – would be oppressed and prejudiced against anywhere else.

The Rogues are empowering in that way. And they’re a bit of an escapist fantasy to anyone who’s ever felt that they don’t really fit in.

To describe them so simply is demeaning and, as I said, a misunderstanding of what they are.


I really like the Eldrid faction lore, but I seem to be more of a Jennerit player.

Can I just say that I love how in depth and thoughtful your posts are!

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the Rogues, and Reyna.

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I don’t see where you see aurox caring about her…
According to the lore and to their lines, aurox is just a prisoner of shayne and more or less a slave.

And I was just saying, the kind of characters that are rogue are more or less "a bit of every other character put into one faction"
You have a marquis-like character for example, and there is literally an oscar mike (or almost)

I also don’t see how Aurox cares about Shayne. He literally wishes to kill her! Maybe I missed something then, I guess?

Yeah he wants to destroy her and to absorb her soul and blablabla.
And she literally threaten to “atomize” him if he doesn’t do what she wants (in the middle lore, the one with the audio)
She seems to hold a device that hold all of aurox’s atoms together and without this thing he would just get vaporized.

Really trying to understand where does he care about her…
Her on the other hand seems to care about him but refuse to show it (just like sibblings who like each other but act like they hate each other)
Like when you lose your shield and she goes like “oh no aurox, where did you go !?” or asking him “aurox are you okay” whenever he get hit a bit too hard

Get Shayne lore :stuck_out_tongue: even the rogues didn’t want her as much when they listened about Aurox. But Reyna saw… Potential :stuck_out_tongue:

Rogues as far as personality and individual utility. They are all interesting and funny, while still being useful, and varied in play style. They are just a bit more situational than characters from the other factions.

UPR as far as individual strength goes. Each of them are very powerful, but rather squishy compared to other characters. They also don’t do well in most settings if all 5 are chosen in a team comp.