What's your favorite head(s) you always wear?

On each character which is the one head you find yourself always wearing (almost never taking it off.)

Axton- He has alot of good heads but I love wearing the Space Knight

Gaige- I don’t play alot of Gaige but when I do, I have to be wearing either the Sinful Sweetheart or XXX

Krieg- Right now my favorite on him is I CAN’T BREATHE IN THIS but once I can get my hands on it…I’ll be wearing HAHAHAHAHAH along with my christmas sweater.

Maya- Pretty in Punk is nice but I also like Trigger Pull

Salvador- Now I worked hard to get the Boatmurderer head for him…but I can’t say it’s my favorite. I’m in love with that Marshall Mustache he has lol.

Zer0- C0al Train when I’m melee Zer0, Gh0st/Zer0/Nihilism whenever I feel like being something different than melee.

Probably the el diablo head for salvador

Kawaii killer for maya it’s never off

Sometimes I put on the seasonal ones as well

I Only Play As Gaige So My Favorite Heads To Wear Are XXX & Necrosis.

Gaige - XXX, Bullet Buccaneer & Wayfarer Wizard
Maya - Elven Eliminator
Axton - Scurvy Dog
Zero - Ech0location
Salvador - Boatmurderer

Maya - pretty in punk, alkaline mistress or Dr. Crazy (dark scarlet and vault dweller skins)
Gaige - grease monkey (torgue high octane skin )
Axton - default (torgue high octane skin )
Kreig - GLUG GLUG GLUG ( bathe in the gore)
Zero - F0rg0tten (default skin )
Sal - private eyes (pandoran legend skin )

Sal - Not So Jolly Roger
Maya - Pretty in Punk
Gaige - Sinful Sweetheart