What's your favourite boss fight regardless of difficulty?

Was just wondering about this. I have to say although this boss fight is quite easy, I love Katagawa Jr. Just the whole concept of a cloning ninja with swords and snipers got me going. And the boss theme too :ok_hand:t4:


Agonizer 9000. Telegraphed attacks were fun to dodge, all 3 tracks are great, and the spectacle of it all just feels good. When you’re not obliterating it in 5 seconds anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jackbot too. Fighting a Handsome Jack mech is Borderlands at its wackiest, and its attacks were so fun to watch. The phase change dialogue was funny.


I can’t recall one I didn’t find annoying. Carnivora was perhaps the least annoying. If the support vehicles didn’t like to continually flee to the edges of the map it might not be at all annoying.



Wotan is always a good time

-No super long immunity phases
-Attacks can be read/dodged easily, but hit hard if you don’t
-Cool design
-Awesome music
-Great drops

Everything you could ask for in a Borderlands boss


I like Wotan too
For story boss, I was going with the Warden, he is the one I naturally fought the most being a Goliath and all :rofl: but Pain and Terror fight is fairly well done
Dlc , I must say Rose is pretty cool I like Eista too but Rose cooler


I’m with @WxndaBread :bread:

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wtf how could i forget about Wotan? Fighting that dude for the first time was an adrenaline rush


Both boss fights in maliwan takedown are pretty great. As for guardian takedown, first boss could have been amazing if it weren’t for the odd knock off the platform. Scourge is also nice, but too easy tbh.

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Agonizer 9000 Proof-of-badasser Screenshots

He’s got no reason for me to farm it. His crit spots disappear before i deal any decent damage to them. And the commercial break is a flow breaker.

But god. DAMN. Ever since i saw this thing in the teasers i was in love with it, and my first playthrough i was looking forward to in every new pandoran map.

Im gonna list all the things i love about it but i’ll make em a summary because it’s gonna be a long list

Big robot cool stuff
  • Insanely cool theme, in my spotify playlist for 5 months
  • Cool as hell arena with hundreds of audience, light effects, and the floor actually lights up on fire in patterns
  • Attacks look like ripped from a platformer game, which i LOVE. Timed dodges, positioning and running, instead of a large enemy with a large gun
  • It has a stubby arm like a badass psicho. This is Borderlands’s verison of metal sonic
  • Possibly the best pop culture reference, Penn and Teller, in the whole game. Turned into a whole level and boss fight. Hilarious dialogues.
  • Holomarkus making it rain. “Cult wackos, get stuffed”
  • Holds the “plot twist” everyone theorized for 7 years. “Tannis is not what she seems”. (while i expected it, i still was shocked ok?)
  • Visual effects galore, a real show of a boss. Animations on point, design on point, fire everywhere, sparks everywhere, terrorific light-up eyes.

Gearbox, i want an Agonizer 9000 action figure. Articulated.


Tyreen the destroyer - It is a rubbish fight but it means you are finished with the terrible story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like Princess Tarantella II… fight can be as easy or as hard as I like. I usually take her out without issue, but she still surprises me sometimes.

I also like fighting Scourge, in particular, trying to line up and catch the explosive guardians near him with a kill to knock him out of his big explosive attack. I’m walking the line between being aggressive and having cover nearby in case I blow it, but if I pull it off and he’s vulnerable for a sec, rushing in to capitalize on that.

For the environment and entertainment, Agonizer 9000 hands down.
The entire Carnivora theme was so much fun.

From a mechanics perspective I think Wotan was really well done.

I’ve been wracking my brain over this question, for me none of the bosses are particularly interesting.

Settled on Capt. Traunt. He can be at least a little fun with his elemental orbs flying about. And the arena design is interesting, open space then the balconies along the side. And the balconies being good cover, but not invulnerable cover, is nice.

Of course worst is a tie between Katagawa Jr. and Billy the anointed. Katagawa because his fight is dumb, easy, and tedious. And his final death phase, where he’s invulnerable but dies anyway for some reason or other makes no sense to me.
Billy the Anointed just stinks because of his infinite reach clap attack. Hate him.

Design and Arena layout are funny and entertaining


And that track! I extend that fight just to hear more of it

All bosses you can kill fast!

I enjoy Katagawa Ball simply because it’s a silly, bullet hell fight. It has phases with different levels of severity, a nice arena, and whenever I encounter it I feel like I’m at a point where it is a challenge while not being impossible. I always feel ready to fight it on equal footing…probably due to the fact that it’s one of the few bosses I haven’t tried farming so it has stayed fresh.

Katagawa Jr. on the other hand… I’ve farmed the crud out of him and it’s more an annoying “wait for the shield to drop” fight nowadays.

Also, laser ball go “pew pew”.


Katagawa: I love his soundtrack. What I love less is that you can one shot him with almost anything.

As for the best boss fight, although it’s a little broken I’ll pick Wotan. Some of the mechanics are just unfair, but they keep me on my toes. If you don’t one-shot them with meta stuff, Wotan can be pretty entertaining.

Wish I could say the same about the Guardian TD bosses, but they are more grindy than actually difficult. GTD difficulty sadly is in the Crystals sections, not the bosses.