Whats your favourite/Funniest side quest?

I found the quiz game show, with Vaugh and the bandit girl fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Funniest was with Balex… Even though you’re asking about side quests and that’s a story mission it’s by far the best.

Favorite was probably Killavolt - because it had substance. I liked that it wasn’t just another fetch this quest… The only side quest that compares is with king Bobo and the uplifted saurian - but Jabbers annoy me too much.


Balex was that Arnie sounding bloke right? That was lame but funny.
Substance was the one with the Jacobs servants for me. That was cool

Barry Alex was my fave character in the game I hope and pray they have a dlc centered around him.

Ice T in teddy form who the hell could have guessed that was what was missing in my life:crazy_face:


Balex is the character that joins you on your ship late game buddy, he’s a fun char if you not met him yet.

Oh yeah Balex the teddy. Hahaha I forgot his name.
I was thinking of that lame Arnie like dude and his movies :stuck_out_tongue:

The one with the VR chick was quite cool too.


I can’t remember the name of it but its a lvl 20 side quest where you fight a bunch of ratch looking for Terry.

Not sure why but i kinda loved this one, could be bcs the ratch did not spawn on my first playthrough so I had to wait till TVHM to complete it lol.

Level 20 would put it smack in the level range for Katagawa Jr fight so I am guessing it’s an Atlas HQ side quest.

Oh yeah that ratch thing was funny. Good one

The VR one do you mean the 3 stage “Help me I am being attacked” one? That was pretty great.

You know what makes it even greater? Don’t buy the micro transactions and listen to the comments :grinning:

Stubbornness pays of with a few giggles in that quest if you have the patience / ammo to ignore the micro trans ^^

I was thinking of the one with Vaugh’s 2nd in command, the one with her head in a jar.


That was cool too not so much the quest for me but the ending dialogue where she is chatting with herself was really fun.

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I liked the coffee grind one, pretty well… I am a coffee drinker, and could sort of relate to this one. But there were others that tickled me too.

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Balex cursing on the mic in sanctuary desperately trying to save me from boredom.
Every interaction with Clay/Balex felt really good even authentic to some point.So to summarize,not a big part of the story.

golden calves reminds me of good self image from bl2 (the one with the ellie statue ornament thingies)


Just listening to the old man as you drive him around in his truck. I liked that one.


Ahh I forgot that one… I guess since I chose a story mission I’ll second this as funniest side quest.

I like the fix the water maker one where you get angels memories. Thought it was good story filler/backstory. I like it when side missions tell me more story. The run and fetch ones get kinda old. I get why they are there. But ya know.


Great topic!

I enjoyed the Quiz Show, but the side mission I played last night was the funniest I’ve ever played in ANY side mission in ANY game. It was The Feeble and the Furious!!! Old Pappy has quite the potty mouth on him that’s for sure. I need to find the transcript for the mission as I was laughing so hard I couldn’t keep up!!!

I shot him while he was still in his garage blew up his truck and got me a nice reward from his daugter from her inheritance best 5 second quest ever (Except for of course SHOOT ME IN THE FACE!)

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I gotta go with fart-girl’s diary.