What's your Favourite Grenade / Class Mod / Shield / Relic / Weapon?

Say’s it all in the title! But…

Your Favourite:-

  1. Grenade mod
  2. Class Mod
  3. Shield
  4. Relic
  5. Weapon

For me it’s:

  1. Storm Front
  2. Legendary Siren Class
  3. Tediore Purple Inflammable The Bee & Evolution
  4. Blood of the Ancients (Max Health, Increase Assault rifle & Sniper ammo capacity)
  5. Sandhawk & Florentine. I’m an SMG guy.
  1. Chain Lightning. Weaker than the Storm Front, but … makes me feel mighty like no other :acmcheese:

  2. Char dependent. (Though nowadays, when I get a bit impatient, The Breakneck Banshee leaves all other behind …)

  3. Tie between The Rough Rider and The Sham. Didn’t understand The Sham initially, now I won’t go to battle without :acmaffirmative:


  5. The Nasty Ogre. Special place in my :yellow_heart:

Ah the orge, what a gun.

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  1. Fast ball
  2. Legendary engineer or expert grenadier
  3. The bee or blockade
  4. Corrosive bone of the ancients (cloud kill boost for the win)
  5. Heartbreaker and the law
  1. Longbow Storm Front (Shock)

  2. Legendary Siren

  3. Antagonist

  4. Bone of the Ancients

  5. Twister (Shock)

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What’s the good thing about the sham?

Really high chance to absorb ammo. Up to 94%

In addition A LOT of damage reduction since 94% bullet absorption! :boom:

Not really damage reduction just ammo regen.

Totally damage reduction, ime … :acmferro:

Bullet damage mitigation technically.

Works beautifully thou, under any name … :acmcheese:

I was just backing you, @Piemanlee should know better after my showcase on his Axton TG. :dukeangry:

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Wait what did I say wrong lol. I know ammo regen was the wrong word. Also that top gear stuff was a while ago.

It has mitigation and a kind of regen too. And what is a while to you? It was 3 weeks ago man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know it mitigates damage it just doesn’t reduce it like the blockade. Also with life going on all around me what I posted on here easily escapes my mind.

I got like 6 drops while farming for a bitch but never used it. I will have to get one now :joy::+1:t2:

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Only works in areas with lots of guns also it doesn’t absorb dots or melee. Or I mean you could shamefleet with it.

These are … ehrm … the Borderlands.

Where most areas feature … ehrm … “lots of guns” …


Yeah but it doesn’t absorb dots which a lot of guns have. And yes I know this is borderlands lol 1500+ hours may have taught me a thing or 2 :slight_smile: