What's your favourite Vehicle?

Needed some change of pace and tried to get alot of vehicle parts & paint jobs.
Love the Bladed Heavy Cyclone, but was wondering what you prefer?
Anything that seems super fast/nice/tanky/fun?

Been farming for legendaries, maybe it’s time to min max vehicles.
Also, gotta organize racing events at some point :crazy_face:

Vehicule kinda suck once you reach TVHM. They’re made of paper, shoot marshamallow, and spend half their time either frozen of electrified

that being said, whats your favourite vehicle?

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My favourite is outrunner with stealth skin and heavy armor, feels like driving a batmobile.

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Outrunner with overwheel to be able to manoeuver, and the short boost to accelerate.

Cyclone is the go to if you lack those parts

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dang I gotta get some outrunner parts, kinda ignored that one a little

I love the hover wheel cyclone, and that triple sonic booster. Can take that vehicle nearly everywhere xD

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That Stealth Outrunner is so cool! Where do you get the stealth skins for the other vehicles?

I like the Technical with the endless boost, hover wheels, and heavy armor.