What's your first piece of gear you're farming for the event?

Just curious what other Moze players are going to farm first, both Takedown (Kyb’s obv) and outside of Takedown.

Bear Nagata.

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160% scourges


The chance to drop one while IB is damaged?

Yup :).

How does it drop it? I’ve only used a homing one before. Does it fire straight out in front or random direction?

Probably some Crossbows. I missed out on the previous event.

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It’s live on Ps4 now.

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Consecutive hits Brainstormer.

Consecutive hits Shredifier with bipod attachment (I’ve got an idea for a Green Monster/Banjo build).

Bear Nagata (just to see how it performs).

Kyb’s Worths and Redistributors with 50% elemental damage anoints.

Bear throws forwardish. The epicenter hits nice, I kinda think the Nagata will be like a weird shotgun of sorts

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First thing I did was kill Wotan using Iron Bear. Took about 11 minutes for the fight. The raid up until is extremely easy now. I used a build I was only messing in mobbing with didn’t bother grabbing correct gear or respeccing. It’s that much easier.

Definitely a farm I want to hit up as well.


For anyone wondering.


none, they are going to be useless when we level up to 60.

Yeah I’m gonna wait til borderlands 4 comes out



Also… did we get a new gun with the patch (looking at your screenshots above)?

Haven’t given it too much thought, but maybe the Kings/Queens Call, seeing as it is a gun that has so far refused to drop for me.

Yes and no. This gun has been in the game ever since release, however it can only drop from Judge Hightower and up until this patch he couldn’t actually drop stuff due to a bug.
Currently the gun isn’t really worth getting though, because the damage is pretty poor and the turrets have a tendency to get destroyed near instantly.

What @jmthsauer said.

It’s total garbage haha, but was bugged before and not dropping. Out of 6 throws like 4 of them instantly destroyed. The shield height is perfect for getting shot in the face too.

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Also, Band of Sitorak. I will make that 1 HP/shield with less than 1 second recharge delay build work, dang it.


Phebert with the 125% bonus incendiary anoint. Already got one with it’s low damage for a Phebert.
After that a Carrier with the same anoint (and that should get me the Scorpio as well… since that’s been bugged forever).

Nothing specific from Wotan, but any Kyb’s with Gunner Anoints will be welcome.

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