What's your luck like when it comes to finding great loot in the Borderlands games?

I usually get really really really lucky in normal, somewhat lucky in TVHM, and I get a few good things here and there in UVHM. On normal I always have great luck finding extremely good weapons that it makes my playthrough 100 times more easier.

The most recent experiences with luck was while playing BL2 on normal mode while I was like level 20. I had a loot midget spawn twice in the same area. The first time he dropped this legendary corrosive grenade that did 12k damage and around 1k damage per second when someone gets corroded. Talk about making my normal mode 100 times easier! It killed normal enemies in one shot almost all the time. I beat the Bunker in less than 30 seconds by just spamming it with that nade. The second time he dropped this legendary incendiary weapon that did 400 damage with an insane fire rate and burn per second for that kind of damage that it initially does.

Just today I beat normal on BL2 and I moved on to TVHM, and you know that place in the beginning where Claptrap gets his eye stolen? Well on the left is a room with lockers and a toiler. I opened the locker out of randomness and I find a legendary infinity pistol that does 1.3k damage! That made my night. I never finished BL2 in the past, so I’ve never seen such a badass gun. :smiling_imp: Saved me an hour of farming doc mercy.

In UVHM mode I usually get a good weapon here and there, but I usually have to farm a boss like 20 times before getting a legendary, and probably 60 times for a pearl.

What’s your luck like when it comes to finding loot? This question applies to all the Borderlands game in general, not just TPS.

Completely, bonkers random.

My Axton didn’t find a single orange color for most of his life. Then I suddenly found a Pearlescent in a chest at level 65.

My Salvador found four legendary guns before he was even level 24.

My RNG is truly RNG.

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Insanely good. Per difficulty, I usually find 1 legendary in the vending machines (I check them religiously), one or two from just tossing purples I find but wont use (don’t even waste golden keys doing so). I have OK luck with boss fights, but it seems badasses respect me enough to drop legendaries frequently.

Luckiest moment ever? Being in the Outlands and shooting a rock for an oz kit, out pops a Hammer Buster II instead.

This is just for TPS, can’t even remember all the insane stuff from BL2.

My luck seems quite mixed. When playing through the story mode I never seem to find anything good. One legendary if I’m lucky the whole time I’m levelling up. But if I go out and do dedicated boss/chest farms I seem to get very lucky and legendarys start popping out from everywhere lol

Mixed. On my first playthrough on BL2, I got the Conference Call and the IVF, plus the Impaler, the Storm Front and the Sham. On my second, I got a ton of legendaries. However, most of the time it’s either whites or greens, or maybe some blues.

TPS was odd, because on my first Nisha playthrough, I rarely found anything decent except two ZX-1s. However, I keep on finding lots of greens and blues, and legendary grenade mods.

I think the ZX-1s are a 100% spawn when you beat the sentinel the first time on a playthrough. And yeah, Iwa never drops anything good. He only drops a few purple rifles and grenade mods, but that’s about it. Kinda disappointing.

I felt like my “time per legendary” while playing through the campaigns was pretty decent in BL2. Wasn’t always that consistent but on average I felt like I was rewarded more times than not at meaningful points in the game with an appropriate leveled weapon… However, in TPS my luck hasn’t felt that “on”… I’ve gotten three characters to level 60, done no farming, and have only picked up 4 legendaries and bought 2 from vendors. I guess that’s less than 1 legendary per PT… Seems a little low, but I guess thats the beauty of RNG. One moment you’re complaining and the next your dreams are coming true. I’ll stick with it.

My luck is a bit of a mixed bag here. During the story in NVHM & TVHM, I don’t come across legendaries too often. I have to find them in the red & moonstone chests and even then the legendaries are rare to me.

I do better finding the Nukem when fighting Flame Knuckle though, but that’s about it. The others I have to find in chests or the vendors. And I didn’t get my first legendary shield until I grinded 3 purple shields in UVHM, and I was told in a post on Item Find of the Day that the shield is the second worst shield in the game.

So yeah, my luck when it comes to great loot isn’t the best, not so sure if it’s the worst either.

really good at all the wrong times. I’ve gone through I think 2-3 maggie’s in bl2 just for axton, and like 3 volcanoes between axton and gaige, got a storm front on Krieg, immediately followed by a chest with another legendary grenade mod. All these great things were low level. On UVHM my luck turns to ****

In borderlands 2 I have an average whether from 2-4 random legendaries per playthrough. I’ve randomly gotten.
-Sledges Shotgun from scavenger xD
-Black hole
-Bouncing Bonnie
Thats it for 2. For tps I haven’t done too much seeing how I just got the game. But so far I 've gotten.
-Fatale from dumpster
-Celestial Doppelganger from store
-Lobbed four seasons.
So yeah I like to think I’m pretty lucky.

Mine can be really bad, then somewhat good for a short period.

I can go a whole playthrough or 2 and not get any legendaries and very few purples even.

Then I can have a character find a legendary in every VM for a while. Which is actually kinda bad, because you can’t buy that many, since they cost so much.

The drops are very few also, but seem to crop up just when I’ve hit a wall … which seems oddly not random.

Anyway, I store them on copies of saves I make, since there is no way to save them all for every level in the safe. When in need I can get them back out of save for another character.

Crates all have green and white weapons … I’d say always recently … really bad and I’ve opened a lot of them over my Aurelia play throughs. And since I get to run back through areas (save/quit/resart)… due to objects falling through the map, not opening, or not spawning, which has been happening a lot since the Aurelia release … I get to check the crates twice a lot … a lot. Moonstone crates are the only hope for blue or purple and they will have green and even white too.

Probably killed Iwajira 100 times leveling Aurelia up near the end of NVMH and TVHM … not a single legendary.

And the purple grinds are busted! When will this be fixed! The Aurelia drop seems to have broke a bunch of stuff.

I think the drops could be a little more frequent.

Nope, it’s not :frowning: - the only ZX-1 I’ve got came from the grinder…

Finally found my first ever legendary in a vendor and, of course, couldn’t afford it. My co-op partner very generously bought it for me.

In BL2, I have better luck overall with my level 72 characters than the ones still levelling up, but random is always random.

Oh really? Thought that since I got the ZX’s from the Sentinel when I beat him for the first time on normal and TVHM. Guess I just got very lucky.

Funny story, in TPS there was this pretty strong legendary that the vending machine sold at one point, but it was waaaay above the price that I could afford. I couldn’t pass the opportunity, so I sold everything I had and was short like 3k (this was a level 35 weapon at the time) and there were only couple of minutes left before the sale would end and switch to another item. Went around trying to find weapons to sell (concordia), but I couldn’t find anything in the dumpsters or lockers. I was pretty bummed. :confused:

Much better in TPS so far than in previous games.

If it’s a high chance then I think people miss it around the edge of the arena.

Playing BL2 on my laptop recently I got the tortoise shield to drop from Blue (giant crystalisk). First try. I didn’t see it at first. I looked around and then I went to the chest semi-nearby and turned around and saw an orange laying on the ground.

(I play some of the older borderlands games on my laptop and I play a lot of TPS on my xbox at home.)

I have good vendor luck in TPS. Decent grinder luck. And a couple actual drops (less than 10) from dudes.

In Borderlands 2, in my first playthrough, I got a pandemic grenade around level 7 or 11. I didn’t even realize how lucky I was at first because I didn’t realize how rare oranges were in Borderlands 2 when I first started playing. I had been used to BL1 high levels where they drop like blues or purples do in the other games.

I’m pretty meticulous when it comes to scouting the arena, so I’m pretty confident I haven’t missed any ZX-1s in Eleseer. Iwa and RK-5, though, both have tricky areas where you could easily miss something, especially since there are a number of spots in both maps where items can glitch into the terrain and become mostly buried. (Hmm, is that what happens to you when you are “mostly dead”?) Plus, Iwa’s area is large, and some of the loot always seems to end up on parts of the map that set you on fire!

Iwa’s dropsplosion pisses me off because of that. I think I’ll just ignore anything outside the main pile from now on. That means I’ll get more kills of him (xp) in, and slightly less moonstones/purples/hails/legendaries. That will save me literally 2 or 3 minutes each cycle/kill. I miss Iwa alternate. Odyjimur or something.

Regarding the sentinel, I prefer that map/fight for the simplicity of the lootsplosion even though the fight is longer than Iwajira.

BL1: All the time.
BL2: Not so much.
TPS: Got bored after one playthrough. Did find a level 8ish Bonus Package.

BL1: Every character ends up with a collection of quality loot during normal play.

BL2: Some characters are luckier than others.

TPS: Not the greatest.

Most of the Time I had very bad luck. In BL2 and TPS sometimes I find a good Weapon (not Legndary) and then I have to use it for the next 10 Levels bevor I find a Weapon that beats the old one. But in TPS I found Legendaries more often then in BL2.