Whats your luck with LLM?

Over the last hour and a half I’ve been farming LLM through the WEP strategy with doctors orders. In the last six runs. Every single one I got a pearl or legendary. Even one run I got two pearls! These include

  • 3 butchers
  • 1 tunguska
  • 1 sawbar
  • 1 avenger
  • 1 corrosive leech
  • 1 legendary soldier.
    Do you have similar luck. Leave some loot midget drops below.

Here’s about four hours worth of LLM farming for me:
1 Butcher
Many E-Tech relics

That’s it. LLMs don’t like me.

they drop something like 1/10 times I kill them, hardly worth it

also I’d sooner farm tubbies since you can get the old pearls so easy

I used to get stuff like that from LLMs, but now they barely drop anything. A few weeks ago, they suddenly had terrible drop rates. I had to do many WEP runs today to finally get a Legendary to drop, and I haven’t had a Pearlescent drop from a LLM for a long time.

Tubbies are useless for me too. They very rarely spawn, and when they do, all they drop is Legendary mods. Never seen a Pearlescent from one.

I don’t have particularly bad luck otherwise, though. I can usually get stuff from farming bosses (except BNK3R!), or occasionally from a chest, it’s just LLMs and Tubbies…

Just did my usual “5-runs-a-day” LLM farming in the WEP and I got:

  • 1 Binary Thunderball Fists
  • 1 Legendary Siren
  • 7 varied relics of the ancients

I also found Jimmy Jenkins three times IN A ROW, two of them in the same run. That didn’t actually surprise me all that much, though. Jimmy frickin’ loves me… I’ve always been lucky in finding him. He popped up two days ago as well. He shows up even when I don’t want him to. I love finding Jimmy, but the bastard doesn’t drop anything. I probably could have gotten another legendary today if he didn’t feel like showing up three times.

Not that it matters but I don’t like to count the relics just because they are so common.

I thought about not including the relics on the list, but I’m still trying to collect the best possible ones of each kind for my character, so I still take them into account. I end up selling most of them anyway. I only started farming the midgets for the first time last week. So far, in about 25 runs total, I got 6 legendaries and 1 pearlescent. I still haven’t gotten any of the legendaries I actually want, but I love the Veruc and the Hornet I got. I just wish the Veruc was level 72, not 71.

Ah now thats reasonable

I don’t see the point in farming them except for the Relics. If you want Legendarys and Pearls there’s better locations.

Never had anything but relics off them bone of the ancients etc, so not much luck, never had any legendary drop off them

What other location would you suggest? I can get a minimum of 4 and I’ve gotten as many as 6 LLM in a single ten minute run as they tend to jump out of the regular lockers/ammo crates as well. In an hour of farming I always get at least one legendary. There are days when they don’t drop anything, but I feel those days are the exception, not the rule. It’s just so easy. I’m not trying to pick a fight here, I just really want to know if there’s a better spot to get legendaries. I also do the loot train every now and then, but I never got any legendary from it. Those are the two supposed best spots that I know of.

Back of ellies garage as always been good to me legendary class mods and some guns, got wtf and stoic emperor from there too. There off tubbys though. I’m farming leviathan treasure room at moment and it’s being very over generous, although interurfacer told me there are better places to farm, while its being this good I’ll stick with it and it’s been most productive so far And it’s a easy run.

totalt loot: Lots of bearcats. say what you like, three bearcats in one run isn’t really very fair, given that the bearcat is basically the worst kind of gun. Rngesus hates me.

LLM have a larger loot pool than tubbies, right? I guess I’ll try the back of Ellie’s and the treasure room soon.

Just did 6 more runs at WEP and no legendaries today, only a bunch of relics. I guess I’m having a bad day. I’ll try a couple more runs later today, hopefully my luck will improve. I’ve never gone more than 7 runs without getting anything, so maybe I was in a lucky streak. I did find Jimmy three more times, though. I’m telling you, the little guy loves me. I’m almost finished with his challenge for the second time.

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Well if it is working for you then carry on, but if you want Specific Gear then go farm the Bosses. The Loot Train is the best for High Tier Loot as Blues, Purples, Legendarys, Pearls are common. Personally for me Legendarys/Pearls aren’t all that and as the LLM can only drop Legendarys/Pearls/Relics. Also if I did want a specific Legendary then I would go farm for it from that boss, before you say “What about the Unconfirmed/no Loot Source Items?” well I use the Train.

In the end it is all a matter of opinion, but the fact is the Loot Train has a larger quantity of High Tier loot, even if that does include Blues/Purples.

No, any enemy in the game can drop a Item, expect the Norfleet and DLC weapons. The Loot Pool sizes are no different, except the LLM have the Relics, overall the Tubbys can drop the NEW Class Mods and Pearls, also their drop rate is higher.

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Ok, if the midgets don’t drop me anything again today, I’ll switch to the loot train for a while. I know that the loot train is great for purple stuff. I got my favorite shield from it, and a lot of great level 72 gear. I just never got any legendary from it, but I didn’t really spend a lot of time on it, to be honest.

Do tubbies drop the old legendary class mods? I’m really looking to update my level 50 legendary soldier. Don’t LLM have a higher chance of dropping them? The other legendaries I’m looking for (Maggie, Skullmasher, Striker, Bitch and Baby Maker) all have their own designated sources, so I might as well farm those for a while.

Yes, but so does Pete. Farm him if you want an updated version.

I still need to get a shock Sand Hawk and the Bee to farm Pete effectively. I’ll get them both soon enough. Farming Pete for a while is definitely in my plans, though.

If you want an old Class Mod then Pete, LLM, Train and Tubbys are your best options.

Good luck with the farm, any more help needed then let us know.