What's your overall consensus on Battleborn?

I personally enjoy the game and have been trying to get many of my friends to play it with me but the high price point hasn’t won them over unfortunately,

Someone showed me this video however and I’m wondering why other people don’t like the game so much?


High price point? You can get it for 15 on PC right now and 30 (with season pass) on PS4 I think. Not sure on Xbox.

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I am one who got it from Humble Bundle for 15 bucks. I like that game. But I think there are a couple reasons why people hate it. This is the opinion from a friend of mine who bought it and hated it.

Marketing: WAY too many people thought this was going to be similar to Borderlands. I don’t think Gearbox did a well enough job of Explaining that. This is First Person MOBA. They did not do a very good job separating it from Overwatch either.

Unbalanced Heroes: He thinks the heroes are unbalanced and I have heard similar complaints.

Price: This is not a 60 dollar game. They could have sold it for way cheaper.

Difficulty: I hate to say it but people are weak when it comes to game difficulty these days. Battleborn has a curve and people are too impatient to sit and learn.


A few things:

  1. Poor optimisation

  2. The Micro-transactions (though that one tends to be more opinion than anything that’s wrong with the game)

  3. The fact it isn’t like Overwatch, or people think this is a clone of Overwatch (which leads a lot of people to dismiss it, even when they try the game). Plus a lot of bias.

  4. It isn’t Borderlands 3

Out of everything I’ve listed, #1 is the only thing that I see that would really put people off. #2 is subjective, and the last two points are either people being massive OW fanboys or not doing their research before buying the game.

Honestly, that video is starting to become a really cheap go to punchline for a joke that wasn’t even that funny to begin with. Again, a lot of bias surrounds it.

  • Game with lots of potential ruined by greed.

I’m a fan of BB PvE with nearly 700 hours into the game but I do have a few concerns:

  1. Dual connections.
    As I write this it’s Steam Tuesday and BB just crashed to the main screen, team lost in the void.
    The meta server(s) which host the user info is a big concern.

  2. No off-line mode. As stated in #1, players can’t use it unless they have those connections.

  3. No save data or progress saved. So far it seems people despise this move.

  4. There doesn’t seem to be a resolution for Match making other than burst sales. Short lived fun.


I live in a void. I don’t get advertisements. That combined with my very tiny amount of spending money maybe makes me more prone to actually look at what I’m buying.

I’m happy with my purchase. I wasn’t expecting it to play well on my pc or with my internet. But it does better than expected, so Ofc im happy.

I’ve put WAY more hours in this game than I ever would have expected. I like it better than borderlands much to my surprise.

But i tend to make sure i have a very skeptical opinion going into things because I’d much rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. Even when I get hyped about something I temper myself in time.


I love this game, I find myself loving it more and more as I play it. I can’t imagine not liking it regardless of what happens with it’s total population and/or prices.


my consensus is that gearbox NEEDS advice and help from studios that know class based MOBA. if not i feel like the whole playerbase will go to overwatch unfortunately. i want battleborn to succeed but because GBX didnt market as much as overwatch more people knew about overwatch first so they stuck with it and also the fact the people compare battleborn to overwatch when overwatch isnt exactly a MOBA like battleborn is. yea i might have contradicted myself but the things i said are true

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What I’ve realized that I enjoy most about Battleborn is how fresh the game feels again when you switch from a character that you had mastered and were potentially starting to get a bit bored with and then trying out new characters until you find a new character that clicks with you and becoming super obsessed with that character and mastering them.

I would definitely enjoy more multiplayer maps / modes, but those maps and modes can always seem fresh again with a new character / playstyle.

Overall, great game, and one that I’ve happily sunk a bunch of time and money into.

Too bad it’s taking such an unfair, uneducated beating from so many different angles.


One of my favourite things about the game is the

“Feminism is awesome” line.

That really made me feel like this game was going places!


Oddly, its also one of the often cited quotes by detractors on reasons to hate on Battleborn.

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Don’t blame GBX for that, they did what they could. 2K doesn’t give out any money for marketing budgets, not for anyone, not since Evolve.

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Like I said, that was a friend’s opinion. However, I do think GBX could had done a little better in explaining that it was different. But a diminished marketing budget does not help.

It has not met the expectations, and that’s why all my friends have already abandoned it.

  • Not enough PvE content. Too few campaign missions, which do not really link, weak story telling, unspectacular boss fights…
    We (my friends and myself) had hoped for a nice 20-30 hour open world shooter with huge, interesting bosses, lots of monsters to shoot/slash at (Serious Sam style) and nice, big locations. A focus on skills, items and quests like in Borderlands could have been neglected/compensated by the sheer amount of different characters, different story-lines and non-stop action.

  • Unreal 3 engine…seriously? That engine is from 2006…10 years ago. The Unreal 4 engine is out since 2014, it is more suitable for nowadays generation of PCs and consoles and I doubt it would have been that expensive.

  • Too much focus on PvP, which is overshadowed by Overwatch, even if it is a different genre.

Sry, but I fear this game won’t last that long. Too many good and interesting games out there.



I personally love the game. I play almost exclusively PVE on PC.

During the dark days when steam was reporting very low player counts I began asking questions.
I spoken to many, many people who bought the game and quit playing (PVP and PVE).
Here are the things they said:

  1. PVP was way too hard to get a match.
  2. The matches they got were way too lopsided.
  3. The learning curve is too high for new players, so investing lots of time doesn’t payoff. AKA, There are other games that are more fun for less effort.
  4. I am tired of getting spawn camped into oblivion while being serially taunted by five CR100s.
  5. I have played all of the PVE maps to death and I don’t want to play a MOBA.

Most of these are direct quotes with the exception of removing expletives. Number three is an amalgamation of several different types of responses such as, I don’t know what to do on [Map] etc.

Hope this helps.


I’ve got about 300 hours in the game so far. Will probably put more into it because I do find it to be a fun game. However, there are a few things that did and still do bother me about it.

1.) Not enough content (mostly PvE).
I feel like if they released the game with less heroes but with more modes,
missions, maps it would’ve been better. Also they could have reduced the time for missions from the average of 30min to about 15min and made twice as many missions. This would have been better in my opinion.

2.) PvP had a bad start.
Long wait times. Fun factor was minimized by the curb stomping of rank 100s matched with low ranks.You wait for 5-10min to enter a match that will most likely be one sided. It’s just not that fun for new players. It feels like abuse. Also, as a FPS MOBA, it can make for a very frustrating experience when players don’t understand the objectives or the roles of their chosen hero. As someone that plays a lot of CS:GO, this game has very little in common with a standard FPS PvP match. The enemy has a shield and then a health bar, which varies based upon hero and gear.

If you like a standard FPS like CoD or CS:GO, then this game is probably not for you. Even Borderlands is more of an FPS than this game.

3.) PvE Issues.
Lots of bugs…especially in the early days. Sentinel mission the
elevator gets stuck because 1 minion is on the map but not there.
Failed mission. Saboteur, 1 minion is on the map but not there. Failed
mission. Or Wolf in the void would get stuck and walk in circles for like 10min. Who’s bright idea was it for minions to spawn on ledges waaay up in the sky? If they get stuck up
there you can’t kill them, especially as a melee hero. Those tree guardian things
(common in the Sentinel mission) are really annoying. They only take damage from the core in the front.

The algorithm mission boss Isic…what were they thinking? It’s so hard for melee heroes to kill him because his head flies up in the air.

4.) Heroes are Unbalanced.
I know I’m not the only one that thinks this.
The heroes were not designed as well for PvE as they are for PvP (and they were pretty unbalanced in even PvP). Some of that has to do with the hero skills themselves and some of it has to do with the mission and boss designs.

Kelvin looks friggin amazing. One of the first characters I played. I wanted to love him, but he really sucks in PvE. I find it unacceptable that a game is made where all the heroes do not feel useful, fun, and powerful, in all modes of the game. Yes, some people will not like the play-style of some heroes over others, but they should at least be fun and playable.

5.) Interface and Menus.
The GUI is kind of weird compared to most other games. It looks…strange. I haven’t really been able to put words to this yet, but something has always felt off to me about how it looks.

6.) Skins and Cosmetic Items.
As a MOBA, it didn’t have enough skins that alter the look of the heroes. Smite, LoL, Dota2, HotS, are all MOBAs and players that come from those games expect cosmetic options, awesome ones. If they are amazing to look at, we don’t mind paying big bucks for them.

7.) Lore probelms.
Lore had to be, and still does to a less degree, achieved by playing both PvP and PvE. That forces people to play modes they don’t want to play. IMO, they could have solved this easily with an either or option. So many kills in PvP or complete this challenge in PvE. Problem solved.

8.) No Tutorial or Training mode.
This game, or really any game, that includes 25+ heroes with different skills and roles can be very confusing to new players. It’s unfortunate that no tutorial mode exists.

9.) Too Much Gear.
Okay, so usually this is not a bad thing in a gearbox game like borderlands, but BB is not a Loot game. Yes, it is important to have a few good pieces of gear, but there’s just way too much of it and no option at the mission complete screen to sell that gear you don’t want, which when you play more than 100+ hours, just about everything gets sold.

10.) Mission Voting.
Why do we only have the option to vote for a random 3-4 missions. It’s so frustrating. Why can’t we be able to have all the missions listed and vote? I never understood the reason behind this.

The group of guys I regular play with agree with a lot of these points as well, so it’s not just one person. Anyway, take my thoughts for what they are. I still love the game and believe it will get better over time.


I think Battleborn is a fantastic game for hardcore gamers. For casuals, like me, it just seems that I get further and further behind each time I log in. With less than an hour a day to play, I can’t seem to get anywhere.

I had a similar experience with Destiny and ESO; great games for people with the time to play them ‘properly’.


As a mostly PvE player I think that PvP is where the game needs the most help. There seems to be no real easing in for PvP there isn’t a tutorial for PvP like there is for PvE, there isn’t a public vs. bots where you can learn about teamwork, and even versus private has: “Challenge and achievement progress is not incremented in this experience.” which to me translates as a DO NOT PLAY THIS MODE. Especially since PvP has no rewards to begin with it seems they have only included because they felt they had to. As such you jump into public versus and get stomped or get yelled out for not knowing how to play and decide that the game isn’t for you.


very fun game

great concept.

revolutionary really.

but, still lots of things that need to be fixed.

really bad matchmaking. (like… really really bad.)

lots of lag and cheaters ( for example… throw thorns ultimate right at somebodies face but somehow they take zero damage from it… i dunno if its cheating or lag but either way very annoying!)

snobby community ( i dont like what this guy has to say, so im gonna report him and insult him, and ill get away with it as long as im not the topic creator)

numbers dont lie.

people are still quitting and leaving the game every single day… every single day the avg amount of players has gone down… theres a reason for that, but when you try to suggest ideas on this forum you get insulted, suspended and get your thread locked… thats not a really good way to treat a paying customer who cares about the future of the game.