What's your playstyle, favorite weapons, other preferences?

This thread is for discussing how you play Brothers in Arms, your preferences, tactics, etc.

I primarily play MP since the battles are always extremely dynamic and when I die, I don’t have to start over again, instead I take control of another soldier and continue the fight. I usually play as the “attackers” (trying to reach or complete an objective outside of stop the enemy from doing something), making my goal more than kill the enemy and making matches shorter than if I was defending.

I play a fluid aggressive style for lack of better words. I don’t like to stay at one piece of cover for a long time and exchange shots. My playstyle involves almost constant movement, always looking for a better angle and advancing progress towards completing the objective. When I’m suppressed, I try and move elsewhere if possible, or just crouch and hide for a little bit. I sometimes charge the enemy and I’ve found myself using melee a lot more after the damage variance was added. Melee is actually pretty viable.

My Mutator list for MP:

CustomWeapons (my version which is posted)

Edit: Oh, I forgot my favorite weapons. Well, here I go.

  • MG42, such a fun weapons due to its terrifying sound and extremely high rate of fire.
  • FG42, I find this weapon effective at pretty much any range and it also has a great sound, especially when multiple FG42s are fired and the sounds get blended.
  • StG44, a well rounded weapon that I enjoy using. I prefer the FG42 though.
  • MP40, controllable and effective at close range.
  • M1A1 Thompson, lots of fun to use, not always the most effective.
  • BAR, has a nice sound but harder to control since I increased its recoil slightly.

MarcomiX here!
Well, BiA is not only my favourite game…it allowed me to gratuate the middle school back then!
My exam topic was “the D-Day”…Never opened a book for that exam…BiA Rth30 was more than enough! :stuck_out_tongue:

I play basically SP…levels from the campaign, to be precise. The storytelling, the tactical approaches and the realism of the campaign cannot be reproduced, imho.
During the Campaign, I am the sergeant Matthew Baker…I’m a squad leader, so, I try to be as versatile as possible:
When the Fire team is not enough, I pin down the enemy with them and leave the pleasure to Corrion and his pal to take down the enemy from the flank.
When the Assault team is outnumbered (2 vs 3, for example), I stick with em to flank the enemy.

Mutator list:
Real Sights
Jmoney Weapons
WZ gravity
Real Tracers

Favourite weapons:
-M1 Thompson: I’m in love with the Tommy gun since forever: High RoF and Damage per bullet…A dream come true!
-M1 Garand: Exellent semi automatic fire power: the 30-06 bullets are more than enough to pin down the enemy and aim for that perfect shot.
-M1918 B.A.R.: Not my weapon of choice, but perfect in Joe’s Hands. A pinner-machine. 30-06 bullets and mid-to-high RoF. When the Krauts hear it sing, they already know that they have to keep their heads down!

You and your American weapons, lol. I personally like the German weapons more… I just find them more versatile and fun I guess. Give me a FG42 (preferably scoped) and MP40 and I’m pretty much set for any combat range.

With my setup, I’ve found some of the American weapons sort of lackluster. The M1 Garand is decent, but it isn’t the easiest weapon to use. The M1A1 is definitely good but only good at close range, and the BAR I sort of made not nearly as good by slightly increasing its recoil. The M3A1 Grease Gun is basically a worse MP40, especially since it has a view limiting rear peep sight (then again, the muzzle flashes make it hard to see as it is).

Oh, MG42=M2HB (if it can be made to shoot through cover)>all other machine guns.

M3A1 a WORSE MP40? Are you kidding, right?
MP40: 9mm
M3A1: .45 ACP
In terms of damage per bullet, there’s no competition!

I personally don’t like the M3A1…but for other reasons

The MP40 has better sights, a slightly larger magazine capacity, better sounds, and I find it easier to use. And 9mm or .45, both are plenty lethal. I wouldn’t want to be shot by either.

500 RPM is too slow, imho…
About the front sight of the M1 Thompson, well… I find it not very realistic…it’s the only cons of the Realsight mutator…

I think we play with different settings for the MP40. I find its rate of fire quite nice. It doesn’t blow away your ammo but it gets rounds out fast enough to deal damage. Basically a controllable and effective weapon. The sights on the M3A1 are just so bad. The MP40 I think is probably the best close range weapon in the game. The FG42 is also up there. The M1A1 is also good, but lower magazine capacity and the higher rate of fire limits it’s effectiveness. It also has a really bulky front sight.

I play single player over and over mainly. Both rth30 and eib. I consider them one game.

And when are you going to upload your repeated deaths in SP? And let me shoot you in MP?

Also, whatever happened to your map pack?

The map pack was pushed back because of these darn exams and tests. I Believe I can upload them after tomorrow. Early Thursday. Glad you are interested

The maps should be fun. I just hope there are lots of MG42s out there. Even if not, maybe it’ll make SP playable, lol.

If you want to do more map making stuff, how about making some of those Skirmish maps regular MP maps? I just hope I can get working on my map idea, nothing like an urban map with lots of indoor areas for the AI to be killing me with their super reflexes.

So first of all the list of mutators that i am currently using in RtH30 and EiB SP campaign:

-> Command Mod (full version),

-> Custom Weapons (part of the settings taken from Jmoney, part from QuennDracWraith, and the rest ones set by myself or left default),

-> Dangerous AI,

-> Hollywood FX,

-> RealSights,

-> BodyCount,

-> CustomLoadouts (i increased the number of frag grenades or / and smoke grenades used by the player character),

-> German Smoke,

-> WZGravity,

-> RealTracers.

I use both US and German weapons during SP play:

-> for close range i prefer MP40 or Stg44 if i could find one of them,

-> for long range M1 Garand or K98 Mauser, unless there are weapons with scopes available,

-> i rarely use MG mounted on US tanks, because most of the Germans are pretty accurate with their Panzerfaust ;),

-> i prefer to use Bazooka as an anti-tank weapon.

I set the AntiTankScale damage value to 10, so every single shot from from field guns, tank cannons, self propelled tankdestroyers and anti-tank infantry weapons could destroy US or German vehicles. In my opinion, this is the best solution for the close combat fight in RtH30 and EiB, since flanking with own tanks is nearly impossible to perform successfully in this game.

My tactics against enemy infantry involves: suppressing the enemy with the help from my controlled soldiers teams (if there is still any soldier left among them…) and flanking them - usually i do this myself, because in most cases i do this better ;). I try to use frag and smoke grenades against enemy and i am ordering my men to do the same if the situation allows that kind of tactic.

If i need to pass through an open terrain, there are 2 options in my case:

  1. I do this myself first to “check” if the enemy fire would be deadly for my own men :wink:

  2. I am throwing a smoke grenade or i order to do this to my men and then i am trying to pass through.

If i need to kill the enemy infantry hidden behind cover directly in front of me, there are 4 options in my case:

  1. I try to “feel” the exact moment when the enemy leaves his cover to shot him (i don’t use suppression indicators),

  2. I am ordering my men to supress this enemy and i am hoping that my soldiers do rest of the job ;),

  3. I am throwing a grenade into that position (i am not very good at that…),

  4. I am ordering my men to throw grenades into that position (they are better than me…).

I hardly ever ordered my men to charge directly the enemy’s position - it happened only few times in the whole history of me playing BiA:RtH30 and EiB. I did that when i was almost 100% sure, that there would be no casualties among US troops as a result of that charge.

I am using Jmoney’s Sound Mod for weapons and MarcomiX MRW mod for weapon textures and sights.