What's your Pre-Sequel Badass Rank?

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #1

I saw a thread along these lines in Reddit for Borderlands 2 however I haven’t seen one that is for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel anywhere ao I thought I’d build one here.
The questions I would like to ask in reference to Badass Rank are;

  1. What is your badass rank?
  2. How Many Characters have you played?
  3. What is your icon (the one for each level of badass rank)
  4. What platform (just curious here)

It should be a given but hopefully we won’t see hacked Badass ranks here.

  1. 16,000+
  2. 6 (1 of each core VH and 2 Jacks)
  3. I can’t remember off the top of my head
  4. Xbox 360.

(Cast Iron Chef) #2
  1. Over 5k, but I’m not exactly sure how much.
  2. All four original VHs.
  3. The stack of coins one? I’m not sure.
  4. PC.

(The Bonerfart) #3

Tim 42, Wilhelm 50, Athena 30, Nisha 35, CL4P-TP 10
A gold grenade or something? Cant remember



I’ve played Nisha, Clappy, and Wilhelm to 60 and reset my Nisha’s challenges twice. Jack and Athena are level 6. Played them to Concordia and left them there for now.

Icon looks like a shotgun with a cylindrical object underneath it (shotgun shell?).


(... or not ...) #5
  • 19,444.
  • Up to ‘Science and Violence’ UVHM on all 5 characters with one a bit further (plus a couple of low lvl ones used in co-op)
  • Icon is 2 grenades (one big/one small).
  • X360.

(CDR_Shepard) #6

Badass rank --> ~20.5K
Number of Characters --> all 5, through UVHM
Icon --> ?? (a syringe sticks in my mind, away from the game?)
Platform --> PS3

I stopped farming challenges when I got the trophy for it (level 1 on all of them). Maybe if there were leaderboards I’d try harder?!

(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #7

Athena to 60 and Nisha to 60, and some low level bank Clappies
Double Fist (get it)

(Smedley5) #8

BA Rank: 9,000
Characters: Wilhelm to 60 & 25; Athena to 13
Icon: Dollar Bills & 2 Big Coins
Platform: Xbox 360

(Killing Floor 2) #9
  1. 20.8k
  2. Athena @ 60, Wilhelm @ 55, Nisha @ 51/52, Jack @ 45, Clap @ 8
  3. A grenade and two smaller grenades at the bottom.
  4. PC

  1. almost 1900
  2. 2 (finished 1 run on normal with Claptrap and close to finishing one run with Nisha)
  3. i have no idea
  4. PS3

(Imit8m3) #11

I have all 5 characters almost maxed now. I haven’t counted but I should be close to a prestige on Nisha & Timmy now. The other 3 are about half way there.
If you can’t see the icon, It’s a pistol and 2 bullets.
I’m on PC.

(Exmachina) #12


Jack 60
Nisha 60
Willhelm 52
clappy 20
Athena 5

Got a knife


Ohh and 269 hours played

Looks like I need to focus on a few more challenges to get my BA rank up a bit I seem to be lagging behind you guys…

(LunaticOne) #13

before I tell my BA Rank, I have never Hacked and never will, I farm BadAss Rank and when I say farm , I mean “FARM”, there are nights that I’ve spent 4 Hours just farming my BadAss rank in a friends game (Helps that he’s addicted to the Grinder, he loves to grind what I drop , just to see what comes out),

that being said;

  1. My Badass rank just hit 93,000 last night
  2. 20 that I have kept
  3. can’t remember
  4. Xbox 360

I do play the game , but I always watch and max any BadAss Challenges I can first above all else. No , I have not Prestiged any yet, very close on 3 of them,

a note for some the “Capture a Guardian Mission” is very good at maxing out “A LOT” of BA Challenges, so a person may not want to finish this mission it is also great for power leveling

(but friends call me Daft) #14

Mine is about 6k. Because I play only one character per class and haven’t prestiged the challenges yet.

In Borderlands 2 with the same amount of time played (roughly 150h) I had ~12-15k BAR because I played multiple characters per class.

(Cast Iron Chef) #15

I played a littler earlier and mine’s over 8k. I don’t do much farming, but I do try to get the area specific ones like the vault symbols. I think my icon is the stacked of coins. I haven’t prestiged any character yet because I haven’t had enough BA ranks to do so.

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #16

That’s really impressive, I was expecting to see numbers in the range of 50,000 at most but that’s astounding. What percentage increases are you getting roughly? 13%? 15%

Yeah this would probably be quite a good addition to the game. I think this could really be a good feature to see in future games if they keep Badass rank.

Last bit does anyone think they missed a trick not making Oz Capacity or something like that a stat the Badass Rank could boost?

("Prepare to be Moon Shat on!") #17

One character. Nisha 60
Fist icon

Just finished the crouch potato challenge and hit reset. What a grind that was. :thumbsdown:

(LunaticOne) #18

I have not put points in all perks just on the ones I want to concentrate on so, Gun Damage is highest at 30% and the others I put points in are between 13% to 23%

once I log into xbox tonight I may add/edit this post and put in each perk I have taken and what percent it is at

(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #19

The game chooses the 5 stats it offers you semi-randomly, with more weight to lower stats.

That means you can actually exploit the semi-random generation of stats to boost by choosing 4 stats to ignore, which will put 1 of the other stats in the other slot (not always the last slot, mind you). However, at some point, you’ll see two of one instead of a high stat in the other slot. At this point, simply raise your 4 unwanted stats by equal amounts until you start seeing the higher ones again.

I generally avoid Max Health, Shield Capacity, Shield Recharge Delay, and Recoil Reduction.

(Glass cannon par excellence) #20
  1. 42k
  2. 8 characters at avg lvl 59.875
  3. Dunno, don’t care
  4. Pc

I don’t really try to grind challenges, I just want 1 to 2of each classes with interesting setups, that’s all.